VIP Yearsticker

When you become a VIP-member you get a VIP-yearsticker! You can get a discount at the following companies by showing your VIP-yearsticker! To receive the discount, you can show that you are logged in on the VIP-site.

- VIP-activities

30% discount at all VIP-activities


20% discount at all tutoring courses

- Shirt a la Minute (textile printing)

20% discount on your fabulous clothing!

- Het Pakhuis

Special deal for craft beers that change every few weeks!

- Printshop 't Hartje

10% discount for your printing!

- Smartpoint

10% discount on your reparations, 15% discount on original accessories & 20% on other accessories!

- De Ganze (bicycle store)

10% discount at every sale or reparation in this store.

- Trainmore (Munnekeholm)

20% discount + no registration fee! 

Brouwerij Martinus

10% discount on draft beer at Brewery Martinus!

- Namaskar

20% Discount on your order in the restaurant (The discount does not apply to drinks)!

- The Donut Company

10% discount on their delicious donuts!

- Psyflix

10% discount on a membership on the platform Psyflix. This is a platform filled with masterclasses and lectures for psychological topics and interventions. Log in to access the code you will need for your discount.

- L&L Language

10% discount on a Dutch language course provided by L&L Language. Log in to get your discount.

- Studentarts

​Download the registration form down below!

Studentarts subscription

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Brewery Martinus