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Small group of Dutch Students seeks to find European cultural union in times of turmoil

Posted on 29-10- 2017 | Europe

From left: Franziska, Carina, Jorik, Melissa, Carla, and Dominique, the "SECCIE”, are organising an exchange between their faculty and one of another European university.

For a few years some degree of political unrest has surfaced throughout European

countries. The Super-Election Year 2017 clearly sparked Pro- and Contra-European debates

in many European societies. One of those countries that underwent elections of parliament

in 2017 is the Netherlands.


As 2017 dawns and a new year is coming about, a group of Dutch students located in the

city of Groningen seek to position themselves in the Pro-European camp in the upcoming



Psychology students of the University Groningen led by a group of six students, who call

themselves “SECCIE” (pronounced /ˈseksi/) short for “Student Exchange Committee”, are

eager to strengthen the intra-European connection by getting directly in touch with students

from another European country. Jorik Huizinga, the Chairman of “SECCIE”, is convinced: “It

is important to create bonds with other students of our age from different countries of



He is backed up by the Secretary of the group, Dominique Dokter: “I agree, Europe is a

small continent, but it has great cultural potential”. “We, the committee, are based on two different cultures as well. Some of us are Dutch and some are German, a typical

constellation for Psychology students in Groningen.”, adds Treasurer Carla Schroeder.

Asked how they aim to put this connection with another country into action, Communication

Officer Melissa Selzener points out the clearly positive attitude with which this committee

approaches the project. “Oh, that is easy! We text other universities and get in touch with

some of our friends studying at other European universities. Of course, the exchange can

only be done with one university at a time, but the underlying idea is brilliant and receives a

lot of positive feedback!”


“A lot of people are excited about this and our university has done this in the last years on a

regular basis, always with great success.” Franziska Benning, responsible for the promotion

of the exchange, leaves no room for doubt. “This is what’s most important for Europe’s

union, isn’t it”, concludes Acquisition Officer Carina Bock, “once you understand other

peoples’ cultures, you can connect with them more”


The committee will welcome their exchange partner’s students in Groningen in February

2018, while taking their turn of visiting their partner in May.


News VIP NL. Provincie Groningen.

Student exchange committee 2017-2018

Jorik Huizinga (2016) Chairman
Carla Victoria Schroeder (2016) Treasurer
Melissa Selzener (2017) External Affairs
Dominique Dokter (2016) Secretary
Franziska Benning (2012) Promotion
Carina Bock (2017) Acquisition

The student exchange committee organizes an exchange with students from another university in Europe every year. In past years, these exchanges have been organized with for example students from Salamanca and Budapest. The foreign students first come to Groningen for a week, and later in the year students from Groningen go to their city for a week as well. The committee is responsible for the program of this week. Examples of activities that have been organized are an afternoon of skating, a city tour through Groningen, a day in Amsterdam and sports in the Noorderplantsoen.


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