Student exchange committee

Student exchange committee


We are proud to present this year’s SUPER Seccie committee, a group of six girls, all with a shared passion of discovering the wilderness that the world has to offer. 

Our first explorer, and beloved chairwoman (also the mother of the group), is Laura. With her brilliant smile, charm, wit and seemingly endless motivation and enthusiasm, we know that she will make the exchange of 2019/2020 the best VIP has ever seen! She keeps things running like clockwork and never fails to keep those positive vibes flowing!

Keeping everything in check, and recorded is our secretary, Eva. Also known as a rock of sense, she diligently takes down realms of notes at every meeting. Eva keeps everyone on the right track (or runway maybe), is the queen of to-do lists (and the odd cheeky beer)!

Contacting all those elsewhere, is our external-affairs Slovenian superstar, Pia. With her great sense of humour and sweet personality, she is a pleasure to talk with. She is also amazingly talented with a camera, so rest assured we will return from our expedition with dazzling Instagram feeds!

In order to make this exchange possible, we need those dolla bills! In charge of acquisition this year (the only one that cannot speak Dutch), is our smallest member (and potential Irish leprechaun), Amy. We hope she is as good at convincing companies to sponsor us as she is at partying!

Keeping tabs on the money, and making sure it doesn’t get spent on Nutella and ingredients for pancakes, is our tallest member and the funkiest Frysian ever, Nynke. Without her and her jazzy hand gestures, this trip would not be possible as the SECCIE are self-confessed shopaholics!

Last, but certainly not least, is our lovable and crazy creative Mirthe. This year she is in charge of promotion and is basically the Van Gogh of the group. We look forward for you all to see her superbly stunning work throughout the year! 

We are so excited to share our adventures and all that we get up to with you, so stay in tune!

All the love in the world,

The SUPER Seccie x

STudent Exchange committee 2019-2020

Laura Argast (2017) Chairman
Mirthe Kievit (2018) Promotion
Eva Bos (2017) Secretary
Nynke Blom (2018) Treasurer
Pia Neža Šorli (2019) External Affairs
Amy O Connell (2019) Acquisition

The student exchange committee organizes an exchange with students from another university in Europe every year. In past years, these exchanges have been organized with for example students from Salamanca and Budapest. The foreign students first come to Groningen for a week, and later in the year students from Groningen go to their city for a week as well. The committee is responsible for the program of this week. Examples of activities that have been organized are an afternoon of skating, a city tour through Groningen, a day in Amsterdam and sports in the Noorderplantsoen.


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