Yearbook committee

Yearbook committee


Squad WaiBieCie #YBC

Let us introduce you to the most gezellige committee of VIP.  As you can see in the picture we are an army of drinking and having fun at parties. First we have our General Grietsje (Margriet) #4, she is our proud leader of the committee and brought us all together.  She can do many things, but not smoking, at least she tried tho. Then we have Lieutenant General Suus (Susanne) #4, she is the oldest and wisest of them all. When everybody misbehaves Suus will make sure we will behave. But when the beast is loose, the beast is good loose. Next we have Major General Sjellie (Yaël) #5, the happy egg of the group, we never see her unhappy except when she was really hangover, then she had to cry a little bit. Then we have Brigadier General Barb (Anne-Floor) #3, our kakkerrrrr of the group she is from Baarn, only the rich know where that is, but she’s quite nice tho... Next we have Colonel Annie (Anneke) #2, whenever there is alcohol nearby, her boozeradar will go off. Watch out she will steal your Sonnema Berenburg when she can! Last but not least Lieutenant Colonel Juul (Julia) #2, always be aware that you don’t have an empty table because Juul will climb on it and dance her ass off. We make the book, you make the year.. No just kidding we make the year also.

Yearbook committee 2019-2020

Margriet Anna Visser (2018) Chairman
Yaël Jongsma (2019) Treasurer
Susanne Ypma (2017) Secretary
Anneke Hamstra (2019) Acquisition
Julia Westerhoek (2018) Promotion
Anne-Floor Dechering (2019) External Affairs

The Yearbook committee makes the yearbook of VIP. In this yearbook you can find photos of the activities of the past year, and a written piece from each committee of VIP. The brother and sister associations of VIP write a piece for the yearbook as well, and there is an overview of the events of the past year. The committee also makes the acmanac, the yearbook for active members. In it, you can find the contact information of the members and photos of everyone who is in a committee, structure or year representation that year.


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