Yearbook committee

Yearbook committee


Heyyy, we are the yearbook committee and we have one of the most important job of all: making an amazing yearbook!!! You better buy it ☺☺☺. Now a let’s have a little introduction. Our chairman is Lot and the chair position fits her well, because you don’t want to see her running (she runs like a fool). Luckily, running is not an requirement for being a chairwoman and we are sure that she will succeed in being a great chairwoman this year. Our secretary is Nien, She’s an amazing secretary because she can type blindly, but don’t worry she’s not blind (most of the time). Our treasurer is Diana (she doesn’t like nicknames). She’s perfect the job because she doesn’t spend any money. We hope we don’t have to go begging for money to spend on the yearbook though. Our external affairs is loui, when she gets tickled she makes realy heigh noises like a dolphin. We hope she doesn’t make these noises when she is in contact with our external parties. Our acquisition is Pi(m)p, her name is Pip but she is the pimp of the committee because she is very good in convincing companies to give us their money. Our promo pro is Lonn. When we are in our meetings it takes her at least 5 minutes to get to her point, so she will probably make our posters like two meters long. Goodluck with that. Together, we will try to make an amazing, fantastic, exciting, lovely, fun and special yearbook for you.


Yearbook ‘18/’19

Yearbookcommittee 2018-2019

Lotte Mensink (2017) Chairman
Pippi Maria Diepman (2018) Acquisition
Diana Wagner (2018) Treasurer
Nina Heeres (2018) Secretary
Louise Heilen (2018) External Affairs
Juulke Madelon Hemminga (2018) Promotion

The Yearbook committee makes the yearbook of VIP. In this yearbook you can find photos of the activities of the past year, and a written piece from each committee of VIP. The brother and sister associations of VIP write a piece for the yearbook as well, and there is an overview of the events of the past year. The committee also makes the acmanac, the yearbook for active members. In it, you can find the contact information of the members and photos of everyone who is in a committee, structure or year representation that year.


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