Yearbook committee

We are happy to present the Yearbook Committee 2017/2018. We are a fabulously pulled together mess. Left to right: Jana aka Frederik aka Acquistion/Promotion: calls a mobile phone “handy” and she is always late. Jasmijn aka Evert aka Secretary: has to eat prior to 7 and after 10 (again) otherwise she is hungry. Also, she lives in a true house of horror somewhere in the bushes. Mille aka Marius aka Chairman: struggles with detecting sarcasm. She by no means wants a turtleneck sweater and she likes to pull the strings (which is why she is our chairman). Renske aka Jan aka External affairs: formerly known as the Gymnast, but we have known her longer with crutches than without them. Renske aka Willem aka Acquisition/Treasurer: Is our socializer and is looking forward to nice activities and trips. According to her, the committee clothes are the most important aspect about the yearbook committee.

Together we will do our best to create a great yearbook!


Yearbookcommittee 2017-2018

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The Yearbook committee makes the yearbook of VIP. In this yearbook you can find photos of the activities of the past year, and a written piece from each committee of VIP. The brother and sister associations of VIP write a piece for the yearbook as well, and there is an overview of the events of the past year. The committee also makes the acmanac, the yearbook for active members. In it, you can find the contact information of the members and photos of everyone who is in a committee, structure or year representation that year.


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