Yearbook committee


Hey everybody! We are the Yearbook committee of 2023-2024. Or how most people know us (that’s totally not true but we are trying to make this work, so please just go with it) the YECCIES.

So let’s introduce ourselves, starting with our alpha, our leader, Miral. Better known as Miral Spiral. Miral is, besides being our chair, also the mother of the group. A lot of responsibility is on this girl's back. She provides us with good advice, but also with good drinks. When I want to tell you something about Miral’s personality, the only thing you need to know is: she lives at the Grote Markt. Since this is basically her only personality trait. No just kidding, we love Miral & she’s going to lead us all to make a beautiful yearbook this year. Miral has done many committee’s already, so we are glad she stepped up to lead us (since we half of the time don't
really know what is going on.

Our treasurer, Rick. His nickname is RickyRizz, or RizzyPissy. Don’t even ask. We all sometimes feel kind of bad for our Rick. He has to deal with all the girls, their (way too detailed and honest) stories, and to be frank we can be quite loud and energetic when we are together. But Rick has not cried on a committee night yet, so we just assume he does not mind. Rick can be funny in moments you  least expect it, since he looks so nice and peaceful when you first look at him. Next thing you know he’s drunk and starts roasting the living shit out of you. But other than those moments, Rick is our ‘knuffelbeer’. Also Rick is the calm one of our committee, which to be honest we really needed. It would be even more chaos without him.

We would not be the yearbook committee without our Elja. Or how we like to call her, Rebelja. Why? Because she is the only one who really knows how Indesign works. Thank god she has a history in teaching, because without her amazing powerpoint all of us would still have no clue what was going on in Indesign. Other than our teacher, Elja is also our promotion. We love Elja for her honesty, her excitement and innocence. Elja is basically a human version of every tik tok trend there is out there. She always quotes all the viral sounds, and all the other committee members take them over from her. Which can result in very annoying committee nights with a lot
of inside jokes. Just how we like it. When you try to have a conversation with Elja, she out of nowhere pulls some dancemove. If Elja were an emoji it would be the one with the tongue sticking out.

The feut of the group is Inge. Or Inge (mood)Swinge. We call her that because she is very much a drama queen. Everything she says is very exaggerated, which causes lots of laughs on the committee nights. Inge is our acquisition, and she is going to have to work hard this year, since we have a lot of great (but expensive) ideas. Even though she might be the youngest of the group, she is definitely not on her ‘mondje gevallen’. She knows what she wants and is not shy to tell us all about it. The cute thing we did not tell you guys yet, is that Inge moved into MiralSpirals house. They are practically sisters now, and do everything together. (Fun?) Fact, if we would let Inge decide on what to eat on committee nights, it would be the most Dutch dinner you can think of. “I really want stamppot right now.” and “I don’t like rice.” are some of her most used sentences.

Amber, or Amboring. This is kind of a rude nickname for her. Especially since Amber is not boring at all. This is why we now just refer to her as Hot Diggity Dawg girl or AmbiBambi. Amber is our External Affairs, and even though sending the first few pages went wrong a few times, she will get the hang of it. Amber can not be trusted to sleep in a bunkbed, chances are she falls out face first. If you want to have some fun, try challenging Amber. It doesn't even matter what it is, Amber will do it. For example, she slipped and slid through the streets of Split. (nice rhyme). Amber loves food, and is basically the opposite of IngeSwinge in this. That’s a very nice thing about Amber, because even if we cook something weird (like potato soup) she is still happy as ever and tells us over and over that she is enjoying it. It makes us feel like real chefs. Other than that Amber is pretty passionate about winning the committee battle, so watch out everybody because she will make it happen.

Last but definitely not least is our secretary Isa. She is the life of the party. So even if the whole committee does not see the light at the end of the tunnel anymore, because we can’t figure out what are the best colors to use in the yearbook, she cheers everyone up with a very silly joke, which might not even be that funny, but when Isa laughs, we laugh. She also always has the most funny random stories, for example, how her phone is now broken because she got so scared of her housemate, she threw her phone away. This perfectly shows how chaotic Isa can be in her life, but not at all in her job as secretary. She has everything perfectly organized and even writes down and translates the groups ‘juice’ of the week so that our commissioner Sophiane can enjoy all the fun stories. Also, Isa is a hopeless romantic, she tried to learn a different language for a boy (which actually is very ‘inclusive’ of you isa!). But we are sure that beautiful lady will find her prince on the white horse!

Yearbook Committee 2023-2024

Miral Tuten (2020) Chair
Isa van 't Zand (2022) Secretary
Rick Sanders (2022) Treasurer
Amber Mulder (2023) External Affairs
Elja Bregman (2021) Promotion
Inge Bouma (2023) Acquisition

The Yearbook committee makes the yearbook of VIP. In this yearbook you can find photos of the activities of the past year, and a written piece from each committee of VIP. The brother and sister associations of VIP write a piece for the yearbook as well, and there is an overview of the events of the past year. The committee also makes the acmanac, the yearbook for active members. In it, you can find the contact information of the members and photos of everyone who is in a committee, structure or year representation that year.