Zwemfest committee

The Zwemfest committee organizes the annual Zwemfest festival for upcoming bands, which will take place in Vera in 2018. In Vera, bands like U2, Nirvana, and the White Stripes have already performed and who knows, maybe we find the next big hit at Zwemfest 2018.

GLV Idun (Biology/Life Science and Technology), Ibn Battuta (Faculty of Spatial Science), Ubbo Emmius (History) , and VIP (Psychology) work together to make this a great night!

Since we are some more people we have extra awesomeness for our functions. Thomas is our chairman, Floris will make the money roll in as our head of acquisition and Ren will keep us from spending it all on rubber ducks as our Treasurer, Simon and Arjen will hunt down the best bands as our programmers, Eike and Arjan will promote till their hearts bleed to make sure you all know where to go on the 27th September 2018 (mark the date in your calenders!), and Jannike pretends to be very organized in her function as secretary.

Of course every one of us loves music and with our different tastes (and all of our fabulous connections) we will try to give you the best what the music scene has to offer (with our budget :D)!

We are looking forward to seeing you there,

The Zwemfest Committee


Zwemfest 2017-2018

Jannike Dedow (2016) Secretary
Simon Bakker (2016) Programmeur

The Zwemfest committee organizes the festival Zwemfest. Zwemfest is organized by four associations, namely Ibn Battuta (study association of human geography and urban and regional planning), GLV Idun (study association of biology and life science and technology) and GHD Ubbo Emmius (study association of history) and VIP. From each association, two members will take a function in the music committee. The committee looks for upcoming artists to perform at the Zwemfest. Last year the festival took place at Vera.


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