Jaarvertegenwoordiging 1

One might ask: ”Who are these guys in this amazing looking picture taken in the beautiful main building of our lovely University?” (Yes, I know, a lot of adjectives). Well that’s what I’m about to tell you. We are the Dutch 1 st years year representation. We are the first step students can take to voice their opinion about everything that goes on in the first year of our studies and to get this changed for the better! Why would we be able to make a difference you say? Well, you see, whenever a new set of courses start we start keeping track of the way things are going. This will be things like :”Are the lectures any good?(Think about proper PowerPoints, Lecturers talking clearly etc.)”, “Is the course material relevant and interesting?” and in the end “Are the exams a good representation of the material in the course?”. We then write this down into reports and meet up with the lecturers to talk about this. I know what you think “what influence will you guys actually have?”. Of course, we don’t have as much influence assomeone all the way on top of the chain of command, however we are the people that provide the input on the bottom, so that it goes all the way to the top of the command where people actually have the power to change the way things are going!

We do need input for that though and of course we have our own opinions about the way things are going and we will let those be heard, but as you have learned in statistics, 6 non randomly chosen people are hardly representative for a group of 200+ people. So feel free to walk up to one of us during the lectures and let your voice be heard, we are happy to hear it and will make sure that the people that need to hear it, hear it as well!

If you can’t find us in the lectures, but would like to share your opinion, don’t hesitate to contact us through our email: jv1@vipsite.nl

Hopefully we will hear from you guys soon!

Kind regards, The 1 st years year representation!


The Dutch year representation for first year students consists of five students from the same year. The year represantation is co-responsible for the improvement of the quality of the study. They do this by keeping track of how fellow students think about the courses, the lectures, and exams. The year representatives write a report about what students think about a course. They get this information by talking to as many students as possible and keeping their opinion in mind.  furthermore deliberate with the program committee, the faculty board, the faculty council and the program director about good and improvable points of the study. 

E-mail: jv1@vipsite.nl

Jaarvertegenwoordiging 1 2017-2018

Robin Beurskens (2017) -
Lisa Eindhoven (2017) -
Joost Hendrikse (2014) -
Nick Lohuis (2017) -
Bart Schaaphok (2017) -
Helene van der Zee (2017) -

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