Intercultural committee

Intercultural committee


Since there are so many Internationals studying Psychology at the RUG, it is essential to connect witch each other. That is where we as the Intercultural committee come into play. Throughout the year we organize 4 incredible and fun activities to strengthen our international community.

So let us introduce ourselves:

Maaike, as our chairwoman is the heart of the committee. She keeps an eye on our work! Heart-working Simone is always up-to-date going through the jungle of our emails. Communicating with others is Hannah's main task. With her open-mindedness she contributes to our successful organization of events. For you to get aware of those, pasta-loving dancing queens Lea & Lisa take over our social media. Last but not least, Miguel keeps an eye on our finances. Despite his responsible job, he never fails to make us laugh!

As you can see, our committee is very diverse and we hope to spread this vibe with all of you.

Join our activities, have fun and get connected.

Love, Intercultural.

Intercultural committee 2018-2019

Maaike Wieken (2016) Chairman
Lea Heuser (2017) Promotion
Hannah Benninger (2018) External Affairs
Simone van Vliet (2016) Secretary
Lisa Wittke (2017) Promotion
Miguel Michalis Macris (2018) Treasurer

The Intercultural committee of VIP organizes four activities every year with the aim to integrate Dutch and international students. The committee also consist of as many Dutch students as internationals. The members are free to decide what activity to organize as long as the attendees get the chance to come in contact with each other. In past years there have been a whisky tasting, a cocktail making workshop, and a chocolate fondue dinner.


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