Intercultural committee

Intercultural committee


Begin with the flavor foundation: our chairwoman Melanie, multitasking manager keeping the other ingredients happy, assembled and well utilized! Throw in multilingual communicator Mareike for external affairs solutions while out of the box thinker Optimist keeps track of detail as secretary in charge. Introduce a bit of spice with Filip, innovative organizer and trusted treasurer. Finally, round it all off with the friendly, honest ideas of head promoter Levi for that wholesome taste!

You should end up with a delicately balanced committee committed to providing your faculty with curious events that engages you in exciting new experiences while leaving an aftertaste of education and growth.

Our values and actions are encapsulated in our motto: Mix it up! It's what we believe in, and it's what we aim to do for all of you. 

Intercultural committee 2019-2020

Mareike Müller (2017) External Affairs
Optimist Engbi (2018) Secretary
Melanie Künsemüller (2017) Chairman
Filip Lindeskog (2017) Treasurer
Levente Bernáth (2019) Promotion

The Intercultural committee of VIP organizes four activities every year with the aim to integrate Dutch and international students. The committee also consist of as many Dutch students as internationals. The members are free to decide what activity to organize as long as the attendees get the chance to come in contact with each other. In past years there have been a whisky tasting, a cocktail making workshop, and a chocolate fondue dinner.


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