Intercultural committee


Hello everybody! This year we are the Intercultural Committee (ICC). We are really excited to
organize three amazing events for you guys. The first one will be a salsa workshop and the
other two we’ll keep a surprise ;). The intercultural committee will celebrate a different aspect of
a culture every event. Also our goal is to see a lovely mix of participants at our events from the
Dutch and English track. We can’t wait!
Maja, Floris, Margit, Viola, Kateřina and Willemijn

Our functions:
Maja: Hi all! This year, I have the pleasure to be the chair of the ICC. My job will be to make
sure everything runs smoothly, all the contracts and promotion is according to the schedule, but
primarily that every committee member is listened to and every participant feels welcomed and
comfortable during our activities :)
Floris: Hallo kameraden, hi VIP-friends! My name is Floris and I'm responsible for external
affairs. This means that I keep contact with organizations or companies for our activities and I
make sure that there is a contract! Feel free to reach out to me for any recommendations.
Margit: Hey everyone! This year I will do the acquisition for the ICC, which means that I will
contact companies to get good sponsor deals for our committee.
Viola: My position is promotion. I make sure that we evoke interest and communicate our ideas
to our members!
Kateřina: Hey! I am this year's treasurer. I make sure we stay on the budget and meticulously
document all the bills.
Willemijn: Hey guys, this year I’ll be the secretary of the ICC. I’ll make sure to summarize
everything that has been said during our meetings and I’ll also be responsible for the mail traffic

Intercultural Committee 2022-2023

Maja Weronika Proszewska (2021) Chair
Willemijn Felen (2021) Secretary
Kateřina Vaštová (2021) Treasurer
Floris Klaver (2020) External Affairs
Viola Scarlett Braswell (2022) External Affairs
Margit Koldijk (2022) Promotion

The Intercultural committee of VIP organizes four activities every year with the aim to integrate Dutch and international students. The committee also consist of as many Dutch students as internationals. The members are free to decide what activity to organize as long as the attendees get the chance to come in contact with each other. In past years there have been a whisky tasting, a cocktail making workshop, and a chocolate fondue dinner.