Board 2021-2022


Board 2021-2022

On the 20th of September 2021, we were announced as the 41st Board of VIP and we are looking forward to making this an amazing year!

As a board, we run the association for one year! We coordinate all the committees, offer our members a lot of benefits and try to make sure that all our members have a great year.

You can find us at the Heymans faculty (Hv.0402) every Monday until Friday, from 11:00 until 15:00. If you have any questions, want to sign up as a member or want to enjoy a quick chat, always feel free to come by!

You can also call us at 050-3636323 or send an e-mail to

We are looking forward to seeing you soon!


The 41st Board of VIP

Laura, Rosa, Sabien, Amy, Sebastiaan & Doris

Board 2021-2022

Laura Harmina Keijzer (2019) Chair
Rosa van der Schoor (2019) Secretary & Commissioner of Diversity and Inclusion
Sabien Bootsma (2019) Treasurer
Amy O Connell (2019) Commissioner of Internal Affairs
Sebastiaan Bensink (2019) Commissioner of Career & Education
Doris Bakker (2018) Public Relations


Laura Keijzer

Hi everyone!

My name is Laura Keijzer and I will be the chair of the board this year. I’m 21 years old and grew up in Zuidlaren, but have been living in Groningen for about three years now. I just finished the second year of the bachelor and have been active within VIP since my first year: in the study committee, year representation, and the event committee. I really wanted to do more within the association, and that’s why I decided to apply for the board! 

As chair, my main task is to keep a general overview of what everybody is working on. I also chair meetings, make the weekly agenda, and keep in touch with other study associations.

Next to studying and VIP I like to spend my time cooking, reading books, traveling and going out dancing in the city. This year I’m also trying to learn how to play the piano! 

I’m very much looking forward to this year and to working together with my fellow board members. Can’t wait to meet you all!


Hey everyone!

My name is Rosa van der Schoor, I am 22 years old, and I am the Secretary and Commissioner of Diversity & Inclusion of this year’s VIP board. Originally, I am from Warffum, a small town near Groningen. Four years ago I moved to Groningen to study Nursing. However, two years ago I made the switch to Psychology and I could not be happier about it! Next to my board year, I am also attempting to do some courses. This way, I hope to save myself some time next year, so that I can finally have some rest after this super busy board year. In my free time I can be found with my friends from the rowing association Gyas at least every Thursday and probably a few more days in the week (although I don’t row that much hihi). Furthermore, I enjoy parties a lot!! As well as watching Netflix or just calmly drinking tea with friends.

My VIP story began two years ago, when I signed up for the Diesweek. This week was such a big succes, that I immediately decided to sign up for the Dies committee. Luckily, I got in and started with the promotion function. A few months before the Diesweek, however, I took on the role of chairperson. As I liked the committee and the function so much, and corona did not allow our Diesweek to go through as planned, I continued to be chair the year after as well. I just loved the idea of trying to give people the same amazing experience as I had when I first joined VIP! This is also why I wanted to join the board and are absolutely in love with my function :) As Secretary and Commissioner of Diversity & Inclusion, I get to focus on trying to get everyone to feel included within VIP, as well as satisfying my need for keeping everything neat and sorted.

If you ever have any questions or just want to have a talk, please feel free to contact me :) Also, if you happen to have any good ideas to make VIP more inclusive, let me know!

Rosa van der Schoor


Sabien Bootsma

Hee hoi!

My name is Sabien Bootsma, a born and raised Groninger of 20 years old. In this lovely board, I fulfil the function of Treasurer. Since I finished my second year, this is my fulltime job for the year. I am very glad to be able to do this in this city, because there goes nothing above Groningen! Within VIP I have been active for two years, I have done the First Year Committee and I did the Sports Committee. Next to VIP, I like to stay busy with all sorts of things. For example, playing volleybal at Donitas, working in Four Roses (the best mexican restaurant in town!!!) and having a gezellige tijd in my house Pelsterpenthouse. 

Being the treasurer of the board means I keep an overview of all the money. This includes making the budget, paying bills and a lot of bookkeeping. I will also regularly check in on all the treasurers of the committees. In addition, I’m the commissioner of two committees and I work on most of the collaborations with other associations. 

I am really looking forward to meeting you and having a great year with VIP! If you have any questions or just want to chat, feel free to approach me! :)


Hey everybody,

My name is Amy O’Connell and I will be the Commissioner of Internal Affairs this year in VIP. I am 21 years old and I am originally from a small town called Kilkenny in the south of Ireland. This year, I am also aiming to study alongside my board year (my mum made me) so that I can have a better idea of what direction I want to take when I have completed my Bachelor’s! Contrary to popular belief I am not a huge fan of Guinness but much prefer a cheeky G&T on a terrace in the sun (if that’s ever possible in this country). In my free time, you can find me out running, at the pool swimming with the Golfbreker or eating out of a jar of Nutella in my room. Otherwise, you can find me most nights out dancing, and potentially catch me doing the worm somewhere!

In my first year, I was in charge of the acquisition of the Seccie (Student Exchange Committee). This was a challenge for me but I really enjoyed my time with the committee and then I became the secretary and eventually chair of the Event Committee in my second year. I was also part of the Year Representations over the past two years. I really enjoyed my time being an Active Member at VIP and decided to step it up a notch by trying my arm at being board! As Internal Affairs, I work closely alongside the Active Members at VIP and organise a lot of great activities for them! 

If you ever have any questions please don’t hesitate to drop me a text or an email! I’ll be more than happy to answer and discuss anything over a drink! ;)

Amy O'Connell


Sebastiaan Bensink

Hi everyone,

My name is Sebastiaan Bensink and i will be the Commissioner of Career and Education for the upcoming year! I am 21 years old, and originally I am from a small village in the Groningen Provine, Usquert. Currently, I am in the third year of my bachelor but I have taken the year off to fully focus on the board. After the year I want to continue my studies in the direction of neuropsychology. In my free time, I play hockey at G.C.H.C., where I also coach a team! Besides this, I fill my free time with playing chess, watching Netlfix and hanging with friends. I also work for Dyson on Saturdays (yes I sell vacuum cleaners).

During my first year in VIP, I was the treasurer for the Social Committee. I really enjoyed my time in a committee, so after this year, I decided to take on a new challenge. Last year, as the treasurer for the Dies committee. I also had a great time! I especially loved introducing the new first-years to our study, city, and of course, our association.

As Commissioner of Career and Education, I am responsible for ensuring a smooth collaboration with the faculty, overseeing the year representations, and keeping in contact with our alumni. I really enjoy my function so far and I am curious to see which challenges will cross my path throughout the year. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me!


Hey all!

My name is Doris Bakker and I fulfil the function of Public Relations within the 41st VIP Board. I am 22 years old and I am almost finished with my psychology bachelor. I was born in Egmond aan Zee, but have lived in a small town in Friesland most of my life. I have now lived in Groningen for some years already, and I'm very happy that I chose to study here. In my spare time, I love to hang out with my friends, playing boardgames or drinking one too many beers ;) I also love cooking dinner and doing sports, but I must admit that I don't always do this...

As the commissioner of Public Relations, I am  responsible for the promotion and the public image of VIP. So, it is my responsibility to make sure that you are all updated about the events VIP organizes!  I am also in charge of acquiring money via acquisition. I have a lot of contact with different companies and I try to make deals that are beneficial for VIP and its members. I stay in close contact with VIP’s partners. 

I am really looking forward to the upcoming year and to meet a lot of new people. I like the variation in the tasks I have and all the new things that I will learn throughout the year! 

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or if you just want to have a talk!

Doris Bakker