Social committee

Social Committee


As the social committee we will most likely have to down quite some beers this year. That is why we’ll give a little sneak peak of what to expect from us at our events.

Ryan Kooi is in charge of External Affairs this year. Once he’s had a beer too much, he starts blaring along to all his favorite songs (preferably Even Aan Mijn Moeder Vragen by Bloem).

Our treasurer this year is Sebastiaan Bensink. If he’s drunk he will not stop smiling and laughing, which you know... is pretty cute.

Lara Lemcke will take care of the promotion. A few drinks down and she turns into a human teddy bear. She’ll hug and kiss everyone close to her.

Charlotte van Staveren is our seductive secretary. If she drank too much she takes guys home with her to have a cup of tea and play a board game. After that, they can leave.

Pim Gols is in charge of acquisition. Run for this man if he’s drunk, because he picks everyone and everything up.

Isis de Gucht is the chairwoman and please help her when she’s drunk. She starts free running and is very very very bad at free running.

Social Committee 2019-2020

Isis de Gucht (2018) Chairman
Charlotte van Staveren (2018) Secretary
Sebastiaan Bensink (2019) Treasurer
Ryan Axel Kooi (2019) Acquisition
Sam Dijkema (2019) Promotion
Maaike Reckers (2019) External Affairs

The Social Committee organizes 3 big parties and one big social activity throughout the year. The parties take place at different places and there is always a crazy theme. Everyone gets dressed up! These are the moments to bond and make memories with all your fellow members


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