Social committee

Social Committee


We are this year’s social committee. We work night and day to organize 3 epic themed VIP parties and an additional social activity for you guys.

The blond guy to the left of the top row is Sven, who covers External Affairs. Among other things, this relaxed bloke was chosen for our committee because of his use of diseases in his motivation letter to stress how much he wanted to join us. Sven loooves social interaction and is tasked with maintaining contact with the locations we’re trying to have our events at. He has also been crowned the Beer pong king of our committee and says we can’t blame him for his chronic lateness because he suffers from something called ALPD (Always-Late-Personality-Disorder)

To the right of Sven stands Agnes, who’s is in charge of acquisition, which means she tries to increase our budget via sponsor deals with companies. Agnes loves to dress up and decorate. Agnes grew up with 7 brothers and sisters and radiates warm, motherly vibes everywhere she goes.

To the right of Agnes is Geanne, our laidback treasurer. She makes sure our money is spent wisely. Geanne is from Frysland and we always feel like we’re in the presence of an alien when we hear her talk Frysian to one of her friends.

Next to Geanne is David, who is charged with the task of promoting the events our committee organizes. David has a nack for coming up with creative facebook posts and flyers to persuade fellow psychology students to come to our events. He loves the social challenge of approaching people to promote upcoming get-togethers. David is appreciated for his ability to imitate accents and do funny voices. He’s just the right amount of crazy.

The guy on the left of the bottom row is hyper-extraverted Nick, our secretary. During drinks and parties he’ll talk to anyone – but get so drunk as to not remember anyone he spoke to the next day. Nick is also very tall. Since he’s a chronic jokester, people never know when to take him seriously.

The blonde girl to Nick’s right is Iris, our chairman. This dedicated young woman puts more time into our committee than anybody else to make sure everyone carries out their tasks. But our conscientious Iris also loves to party and especially likes to leave our parties when they’re only halfway done with cute boys she meets.

We look forward to seeing you at our events!

Social committee 2018-2019

Iris Koelmans (2016) Chairman
Geanne Hoekstra (2016) Treasurer
David Berger (2015) Promotion
Nick Lohuis (2017) Secretary
Agnes Jansen (2017) Acquisition
Sven Derksen (2018) External Affairs

The Social Committee organizes 3 big parties and one big social activity throughout the year. The parties take place at different places and there is always a crazy theme. Everyone gets dressed up! These are the moments to bond and make memories with all your fellow members


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