Social committee


We present to you: This year's social committee

First of all, Louise, our lovely chair🪑. In the middle of the chaos this committee consists of, she tries to provide some structure. Her agendas are always on point, have cute greetings and optimistic in plans. When you say Louise, you say a girly girl. She likes to dress up, golden hoops in, hair-clip in and Marie-Claire is in the building. Behind the pretty face of Louise, she is a very sociable, kind, loving girl who drops dry jokes around like it's nothing. With her funny funny voices and weird sketches she makes everybody laugh. The things Louise hates? Birds in general, statistics 1b, unfunny people and grown-ups that talk like babies. Everybody likes Louise, especially when she does her classic vogue dancing in the club. With all her great qualities Louise is the perfect addition to our committee, especially as chairwoman!

Maik is our adored secretary. He works very hard keeping all our silly ideas as well as keeping track of our important meetings every week. Maik is a burst of energy who is enthusiastic about all things social. Although in his first year in Groningen, he found his feet very quickly and is a great addition to our committee. There are many sides to Maik, he is a great cook, a great listener and a great party animal after a lot of convincing to get him out to the city! Maik’s awkward  funny moments are unforgettable, and never fail to make us laugh. We are very lucky to have Maik  in our committee and  if you’re lucky to meet him we are sure you will agree!

Miss Robyn Coan is this year’s treasurer, because money is the only language she can understand here in NL. Money is universal and so is drinking beer, although we still don’t understand how a little girl like our Robyn can drink as much as she can: Robby totally proves the Irish stereotype right. But of course she can do waaay more than just drink: she’s also really good at skiing! Oh did I say skiing? I meant après-skiing. With her cute accent and beautiful blonde hair waving in the wind she’s managed to be VIP’s newest it-girl and also the best addition to our committee we could have ever wished for!

Janet, aka posh spice, loves mailing. That is why she is responsible for our external affairs, keeping contact with our partners. She sends emails to all the club owners in town, which she loves to visit. JK, she is a bit of a ‘kleine speler’, because she always needs to work the morning after committee night. But, when she drinks, she’s the craziest of all. Janet is always down for a good conversation and always keeps the vibes going. We are really glad to have her on our committee. 

Susan is in charge of the promotion for our party's and events. With her just above average Canva skills, Susan makes posters so beautiful you just can't resist the urge to sign up. And if you are wondering why our committee clothing looks so damn good, it is also because of the astonishing creativity of designer van der Meiden. Is this girl just perfect? Is she GOD? No, unfortunately she has flaws as well. Susan has never been on time for our committee nights. Some would call it a bad habit, we think it's impressive. Keep up the good work Susan

Last, but definitely not least, Bo, who’s always enthusiastic about everything. He comes up with great party and activity ideas, but Bo it would be nice if you could put a bit of this energy into acquisition, since that is your task for this year. To use Bo’s own words: I haven’t done much for acquisition this year’. Maybe that's true, but still Bo is an essential part of our committee. He has this great house to host our committee evenings in and he has very sweet roommates who join us from time to time. Next to this, he always spices up our parties with his party starter playlist or his amazing dj skills. Overall, we’re very happy to have such a sweet and fun person as Bo in our committee, and we’re sure he will turn into the best acquisition we could wish for!

Love, the social babes

Social Committee 2023-2024

Louise Warringa (2020) -
Janet Greidanus (2020) -
Robyn Ms Coan (2021) -
Susan van der Meiden (2020) -
Bo Kahmann (2021) -
Maik ten Klooster (2023) -

The Social Committee organizes 3 big parties and one big social activity throughout the year. The parties take place at different places and there is always a crazy theme. Everyone gets dressed up! These are the moments to bond and make memories with all your fellow members