Board 2013-2014


Bestuur 2013-2014

Rosa Bos (2010) Voorzitter
Elsa van Niel (2011) Secretaris
Eize Hofstra (2009) Penningmeester
Matthijs Bosma (2011) Interne Contacten
Alka Tiessink (2009) Externe Contacten

On the 10th of September, we have been inaugurated as VIP-board 2013-2014. During this year we will be busy with monitoring the daily activities of VIP. These include guiding committees, organizing activities and answering questions from members and psychology students, of course. We are available every workday via or call 050-3636323. Furthermore, we are present every workday between 11.00 and 15.00 in our VIP-room (H.0137).

The VIP-board consists of the following people (from left to the right on the photo):

Matthijs (Internal Affairs). This sportsman will always have enough energy to make sure that the communication within VIP goes well.
Rosa (Chairman). She will be the captain of this team this year. Furthermore she will make sure her board-members are always motivated. 
Eize (Treasurer). Eize is the man with a realistic point of view. He will be busy with all the money issues within VIP. 
Alka (External Affairs). This diligent girl keeps in contact with every entity outside VIP. She will manage all the social contacts of VIP. 
Elsa (Secretary). This driven lady will give her all for the administration of VIP en will make sure nothing gets overlooked.