De Bijlespartner was founded in 2011 by Jasper van Aalst. While he was studying Business at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam he noticed that a lot of students were on the edge of failing their courses. The cause of this was that the students' talents weren't represented in all aspects of their broad study programs such as Business, with courses like statistics and philosophy. Also, the tutoring of competitors or independent tutors were often relatively expensive for students. De Bijlespartner tries to help students pass their most difficult courses for an attractive price. At the moment De Bijlespartner is at 8 universities throughout the Netherlands.


The tutoring from De Bijlespartner is being given by good teachers, who are in the same study program, or graduated from the same study program. They excell in the field, and they passed the courses with at least an 8 when they took them themselves. Because of their personal experience with the material and the teaching style, they are the ideal tutors to help you pass your courses.

Study material

The tutor sessions are always being given based on carefully composed study material, to be able to teach the theory clearly. Besides this, the study material also consists of exercises with answers and explanations, to help students get the most out of it and maximize their learning experience. Normally, tutoring groups consist of about 5 to 15 students. Lectures are sometimes larger than that.

For more information and to sign up, check: www.debijlespartner.nl 


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