Sport committee

Sport committee


With pride we present to you the newest and most balanced committee of VIP, the Sport Committee! It is unique within a study which is predominated by women to have a committee that consists of three woman and three man. Well, in the Sport Committee we made it happen.

As our chairwoman, Myrthe makes sure everybody fulfills their duties with an enchanting smile you can’t say no to. She always keeps an overview when the stakes get high. Next to Myrthe is Irene as our secretary. Irene not only goes for a swim almost every day, but also dives into the pc to write everything down during the weekly meetings. Like an oracle, whenever there is ambiguity about the agreements made for the week, she is the one with the answers. As our external affairs woman we have Laura who is not only tough on the field while playing lacrosse but also makes a strong impression towards the companies we work with. She makes sure we’ve got a roof over our heads and do not freeze to death on our skiing trip. Then there is Daniel, whose sweet talk doesn’t only works with the ladies but also with the businesses we need the money from. After being the one and only guy in the dies committee, Daniel is finally reinforced by the two newest members of the crew. Lars and Lennert. Besides from keeping track of all the anytimers distributed within the committee we have our crossfit guy Lars (aka cupcake) as our treasurer because he really knows how to flex those numbers. The tall guy of the group, Lennert, always hangs the posters too high. As a promoter it is his job to get people excited to join the events when he is not too busy answering questions about the weather up there. We hope to see you all on the amazing events!

Love, The Sport Committee 

Sport committee 2018-2019

Laura Argast (2017) External Affairs
Daniel Buxton (2016) Acquisition
Lennert Haan (2015) Promotion
Lars Küchle (2018) Treasurer
Irene Menkveld (2014) Secretary
Myrthe van Wilgen (2017) Chairman

The Sport Committee organises two events. A skiing trip taking place in februari in St. Francois Longchamp. The trip will last five days in which you can ski/ board all you want. The second event is a soccer competition in which we will compete against other faculties. The committee will make sure that there is accommodation provided at the skiing trip and that there are ski-passes available for everyone.

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