Sport committee


Eva is an enthusiastic, organized and friendly chair of the sport committee. She is able to get the committee to be productive on committee nights which sometimes is a hard thing to accomplish. A chair is supposed to keep a group together and make sure everyone feels comfortable. I think this is something she does easily. No deadline has been missed under her leadership. Also if you see someone going out in pink glitter crocs there is a 99% certainty it’s Eva. Plus, she is able to chuck a beer faster than anybody we know (except for liv).

Say hello to Michelangelo, or maybe Michel, or Micky—depends on the day's vibe. He's the treasurer in charge of our committee's finances. The only man who can say no when we want to spend too much money on stupid ideas, maybe because of his german roots. He is a man of many talents, like chugging a beer, playing handball or even twerking (although growing a mustache isn't one of them). We are very happy to have him in the Spoco and convincing him for a night out is possible, but remember to not remind him of potential hangovers!

Fiona is the beloved secretary of our spoco. The best way to describe her is energetic, reliable, and an absolute academic weapon, while still being a party animal and managing her hangovers. As you can see quite a busy schedule and still, she manages to work on the side and in winter teach other people how to ski down a hill. On top of having the task of keeping track of what is being said in the meeting and keeping the official notes, she's always waiting, ready to write down our most stupid quotes.

Liv is an amazing part of the Spoco. She is the best acquisition we could ask for as she is determined and efficient in finding sponsors. Next to that, she seems to always be smiling and even though she is the only first year, it feels like we’ve known her for a long time and she fits perfectly in the Spoco! Liv has great input and no one is able to beat her in a chugging contest! Her blond locks have completely won us over and we’re certain that the same will happen to you if you get to know her!!

Tom is this year’s guy of the external affairs. Who could’ve done it better than Tom? Noone, as Tom is on top of our ‘wie betaald wat’ list! Or is that just because he gets the most beers? Cause our dear Tom doesn’t quite have a spine. Both literally and figuratively. Even with his back operation just out of the way he is still accompanying us on the slopes. You’ll be seeing him sliding down those mountains, just as you can see him slide down those beers like a pro at the aprês-ski. Because this guy can drink. No wonder he joined the dispuut to have an excuse to drink a little extra. We sure are glad we have Tom in our Spoco. With Tom’s endless jokes and cheerful attitude, it’s never a boring committee night (and it will definitely not be a boring Wispo!).

Meet Julie, our promotion girlie! She makes sure our great trip gets the attention it deserves! She also designed the amazing sweaters (we’ll have very soon). Whether it’s designing posters, clothing, or coming up with fun activities and drinking games, Julie is definitely the creative mind of our group. She’s also an amazing bartender, which we really love because she can provide us with some free beers and a fun time when she has to work on one of our committee nights. We’re very glad to have Julie on our committee, she surely is one of the sweetest girls you’ll meet and there’s no way she won’t make you laugh.

Sports Committee 2023-2024

Eva van den Bosch (2021) Chair
Fiona Lynn König (2021) Secretary
Michelangelo Warda (2022) Treasurer
Tom Goede (2022) External Affairs
Julie Koopmans (2021) Promotion
Liv Thijssen (2023) Acquisition

The Sport Committee organises two events. A skiing trip taking place in februari in Risoul. The trip will last 7 days in which you can ski/ board all you want. The second event is a soccer competition in which we will compete against other faculties. The committee will make sure that there is accommodation provided at the skiing trip and that there are ski-passes available for everyone.