Sport committee

Sport committee


Let’s start with our king on the throne: Kor(rie) Bolhuis. Kor is a very sweet boy, who likes to hand out shots or conversate in Swahili. But watch out! He will steal your girl by seducing her with his guitar! 

Next is Romy Sloopkogel van Boven, our lovely secretary. Her talent is making the board laugh with her minutes. She thinks beers adten is one of her talents as well, so give her a compliment about it and you’re set! 

Following is Nick. Nick is our sporty Treasurer. Don’t believe a word he says, because he is as sarcastic as they come. This man doesn’t only thinks he is the fastest in adten, but also really is. 

Lars is the next in line. He is our head of acquisition. With his smooth talks, he convinces every company to sponsor us. You’ll rarely spot him without a beer or a peuk in his hand. 

Our external affaires are covered by Tess. The granny of our committee. If you have a stain in your shirt, she is your girl. But don’t fool yourself, she is a real Brabander so she is always the last one standing at a party! 

Last but certainly not least, Manon Prakken. Our Promo girl. With her photoshop skills she will convince every VIPper to come to our activities. But don’t ask her about her skills when you see one eye hang a little bit more than the other, because she’ll be from the map. 

We hope to see you all during the drinks, the skitrip and the soccer tournament! 

Sportscommittee 2019-2020

Kor bolhuis (2018) Chairman
Lars van der Lee (2018) Acquisition
Tess de Leeuw (2016) External Affairs
Nick Lohuis (2017) Treasurer
Manon Prakken (2018) Promotion
Romy van Boven (2017) Secretary

The Sport Committee organises two events. A skiing trip taking place in februari in Risoul. The trip will last 7 days in which you can ski/ board all you want. The second event is a soccer competition in which we will compete against other faculties. The committee will make sure that there is accommodation provided at the skiing trip and that there are ski-passes available for everyone.

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