Sport committee

Sport committee


Whatssup! We are your SpoCo for this year. SpoCo stands for sports committee. This year we’ll organize all kinds of sport activities for you. Activities like a volleyball tournament, soccer tournament, etc. In past years the SpoCo organized a skiing trip in the winter. They went to France for a big week. Unfortunately with the Covid-19 this year we can’t organize this trip. But we don’t want to leave you empty-handed so we’re planning to organize a winter week this year. With activities such as ice skating, an apres ski-themed game night, and much more. Of course, we’ve to see how many of the activities can take place with the Covid-19. But we’re optimistic and are looking forward to seeing all of you guys this year!


Sabien (chairman)

Let’s begin with our chairman, Sabien. Our fuhrer, our boss. Her body to beer drinking ratio is out of this world, only she sometimes forgets that she is just 1.30 meters tall. Further is she the best in leading the meetings, with organized minutes and sharp observations, but, only if her laptop works. But beside all that, she is our ‘big brother’ we can count on.

Eoin (secretary)

And now our secretary. Eoin, yeah not just Owen how it’s normally spelled but Eoin like he is going to play a role in the next Lord of the Rings movie. Our favourite ier is our secretary because he is extremely precise, very punctual, has quick fingers and oh yeah.. this was the only function he could be because of his lack in the dutch language. No we’re glad to have him with us and when he downs it all in 8.

Stijn (Treasurer)

Next is Stijn, he is our sporty Treasurer this year (just like his brother last year). When asked to join SpoCo he was a 100% down, down to do a better job than his brother. Stein makes everything into a sport, not only because he is a competitive guy, but also because he will probably win. He can deadlift no less than 14 crates of beer and when you ask him nicely or give him one of his feared anytimers, he wil perform his specialty of trekking an adt. 

Marije (acquisition) 

Then we have Marije, our one and only Frysian girl. With a blink of an eye she will hossel a lot of money in for SpoCo. She is always happy and smiling. Good chance that the wine drinking at the speed of beers helps with that. Yes Marije might be the youngest, but she sure knows how to get things done like a grownup. We know she wil makes some good deals. 

Frank (extern)

Frenk the tank, our external guy managed to get into the SpoCo introducing himself as 'water' when he was asked about which alcoholic drink he would describe himself with. But we know Frenk is going to capably do his job as external and give you guys a little show when he is going to trek a liter of beer in front of you guys in our first real activity. Because he is the best in that (he thinks).

Annemieke (promo)

And last but not least, we have Anne, or Miek, or Annemiek. Just like she has a lot of nicknames, she has many talents. She plays volleyball, she gets creative for our promo and she finishes her beer real quick before you know it. Even though she lives pretty far away from the city center, she knows how to get everyone safely home in the middle of the night, our sweetie.

Sports Committee 2020-2021

Sabien Bootsma (2019) chairman
Eoin Kennedy (2020) -
Marije Krakau de Jong (2020) -
Stijn Bernd Rian Lohuis (2019) -
Annemieke Steman (2020) -
Frank Weishaupt (2019) -

The Sport Committee organises two events. A skiing trip taking place in februari in Risoul. The trip will last 7 days in which you can ski/ board all you want. The second event is a soccer competition in which we will compete against other faculties. The committee will make sure that there is accommodation provided at the skiing trip and that there are ski-passes available for everyone.