Year representation 2

Year Representation 2


Hello fellow psychology students!

We - Moritz, Roelof, Amy, Hanna, Arina and Reka - are the second year representatives. We represent the bridge between the professors and students. After each block we assess all your feedback in a course evaluation report which is then sent to the professors and course coordinators. If you have any concerns or suggestions regarding any of the second year courses, do not hesitate to contact us at

Our faculty is working hard to provide highly quality education, and the year representation is playing an essential part in this. We are looking forward to working together with you in the following academic year!

 Kind regards, 

 Year Representation 2

Year Representation 2 2020-2021

Amy O Connell (2019) -
Moritz Lennart Hausmann (2019) -
Arina Klingenberg (2019) -
Reka Novak (2019) -
Roelof Wagner (2019) -
Hanna-Sophia Widhoelzl (2019) -

We value your opinion!

Do you have any complaints, comments or questions about a course? Do you want to express your opinion? Send an e-mail to your year representation!

The English year representation for second year students consists of five students from the same year. The year represantation is co-responsible for the improvement of the quality of the study. They do this by keeping track of how fellow students think about the courses, the lectures, and exams. The year representatives write a report about what students think about a course. They get this information by talking to as many students as possible and keeping their opinion in mind.  furthermore deliberate with the program committee, the faculty board, the faculty council and the program director about good and improvable points of the study.