The board of VIP is announced in September and consists out of 6 people who represent the association for one academic year. The board is responsible for running the association and for keeping an eye on the “big picture”. This includes administrative tasks as well as making decisions, having an overview over VIPs committees, managing VIPs finances and staying in touch with external parties. For an association with over 1800 members, this of course requires quite some time and effort, therefore the VIP-Board is busy every day with making sure everything within the association runs smoothly. The members of the board are also the ones that will help you further with any questions, concerns or ideas you have about the association.

Every Monday till Friday from 11:00 till 15:00 o’clock we’re at our office (Hv.0402). If you want to sign in as a VIP-member, ask a VIP-related question or if you just want to have a nice conversation, feel free to come by!

When you have any other questions you can call us at 050-3636323 or you can send an e-mail to

We look forward to seeing you soon!