Finished with Psychology at the University of Groningen? Congratulations!

Graduated psychology students can become an alumnus member. Being an VIP-alumnus member makes it easy to stay in contact with other psychology alumni. Next to this, alumnus members get a discount on all VIP-activities. There are two types of alumnus memberships, which will be explained below.  If your interested in becoming an VIP-alumnus, please inform us about it by sending an e-mail to

Regular Alumni Membership

The regular membership is for free and provides you with a 15% discount on all VIP-activities. With this membership, you will also receive invitations to possible alumni events. 

Friends of VIP

Because we found out that there was a growing demand for an extension to this membership we decided to answer to that: We are happy to inform you that we added a new alumni membership possibility, which is called 'Friends of VIP'!

This membership means that you'll get a 30% discount on all VIP-activities and next to that, you will receive login information for VIP's website. Receiving login information gives the opportunity to check out the photo's the Photo structure made during events, not only from last year but also from the years before. Next to that receiving login information means that you can sign up for events online, which means that you will have priority over non VIP-members and regular alumni. 

To receive all these benefits, you will only have to pay €7,50 a year (in comparison to the membership fee our VIP-members pay, which is €15).

Please note, that the discount for alumni members and 'Friends of VIP' doesn't apply to alumni activities.