First year committee

First Year committee


We are a team of six ambitious and motivated first year students. Our plan is to help you, the first-year students, to start your time as Psychology students in a fun and socializing way. Throughout the year we organize different activities where you can keep meeting new people, get some distraction from the stressful studying times, or simply have fun with your fellow psychology friends :)

Anna, our creative mind, promotes our activities and designs fun posters and flyers. We hope she can convince you of our activities. 

Hilda and Arina take care of the external affairs. There’s no company that can refuse an offer by this German-Dutch power-team. 

With Sabien, no great idea gets lost. She’s as good at keeping track of the minutes as at squeezing our meetings into her busy calendar.

Moritz, our treasurer, doesn’t only cheer up our meetings with his wide smile but also makes sure that our activities are always as affordable as possible. Our budget is his screensaver. 

Johanne, our chairman, is the master of disaster (us). She makes sure that everything gets done in time and everybody knows what to do. 

The six of us are motivated to help you have a great time during your first year! So feel free to join our activities!

First Year Committee 2019-2020

Arina Klingenberg (2019) External Contacts
Anna Katharina Luise Wegener (2019) Promotion
Moritz Lennart Hausmann (2019) Treasurer
Sabien Bootsma (2019) Chairman

The first year committee is one of the youngest committees of VIP and consists of six first year students. The committee organizes activities for first year students so that they will be able to get to know each other better. The committee will think of creative new activities. Last year there was a pubquiz, game night and a lunch. The first year committee will come in contact with the owners of the locations and will do all the preperation for the activities.


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