First year committee


Hi everyone! We are the First Year Committee, and we organize events and parties for first-year students. In the past we have organized pool events, galas, disco parties, and more. Our goal is to bring all first year students together and encourage interactions between everyone. On a normal night out we’re at Fezi’s house, also known as the pregame house, having pizza on the floor before going out to every club in Groningen. 

 Lilli is our boss, she’s the chair of our committee. She lives a double life as she’s either a professional athlete, having control of over life and swimming, or you’ll have to carry her home because she’s way to drunk. If she’s not drunk dancing in the night, she’s out running at 7am, sometimes even both! Also VIP is not her only association but that doesn’t matter because she skips every event at Mayday. 

 The person who keeps everything accounted for and organized is Gesa, our secretary. Similarily to her role, she lives in the library (only in her private study suites) and you can find her awake secretaring away at late hours of the night, we suppose. She can’t cook but she does an amazing job as a secretary! 

 Anouk is the woman of the numbers making sure we don’t go over budget as the treasurer with the purest soul ever. She might be shy at first but when you know her a bit better she is the funniest person and not so innocent as you might think. Maybe you’ll even get to know about the mice living in her house. She is our unofficial external as she is the only Dutch person in our committee, and gets very emotional about elections. 

 Kiko is the other diverse member of our committee who is also not German but he might as well be because he knows everyone. He lives for dancing at the pole at Copas and is always prepared for uni, has a love life, and cooks 5 start meals everyday. Besides being a Macher he is the promotions and makes sure everyone in Groningen comes to our events and parties. 

Pauli is one of our external affairs and if you don’t meet her in the lectures, she is probably surfing or being taken by rip currents in another country. Besides bringing sunshine to every room, (or gaslighting Gesa) she makes Groningen exotic, which is why external affairs is the perfect job for her. 

 Finally but certainly not least, our other external affairs is Fezi who hosts the best pre drinks. She is always ready to go partying, go to the gym, or attend her futebol games every night. One of her many talents is being able to motivate anyone to go out and party. Fezi is also known as the Gymmaus and Süßmaus. Together we are here to represent the young ones and organize the best years for the first year students.

First Year Committee 2023-2024

Lilli Bultmann (2023) Chair
Gesa Julie Donning (2023) Secretary
Anouk van Soest (2023) Treasurer
Felizia Back (2023) External Affairs
Paulina Förster (2023) External Affairs
Francisco Marques (2023) Promotion

The first year committee is one of the youngest committees of VIP and consists of six first year students. The committee organizes activities for first year students so that they will be able to get to know each other better. The committee will think of creative new activities. Last year there was a pubquiz, game night and a lunch. The first year committee will come in contact with the owners of the locations and will do all the preperation for the activities.