First year committee

First Year committee


Hi! We are the First Year Committee of 2020-2021. We will be organising many activities throughout the year for all first year students, to enable you to meet and get to know your fellow students better!
Our chairman is Stephan Leurink. He is the one who is in charge of our weekly meetings and the person we turn to for questions and problems.
Rachel van Breda and Britt Evers take care of external relations. They contact other parties for the organisation of events.
Jet Hoogers holds the position of treasurer and vice-chairman. She takes care of all the finances and leads the meetings in case Stephan can't be present.
Eline Vianen is our secretary. She takes notes of every meeting and makes sure everything is clear on paper for everyone.
Last but not least, Lieke Geschiere is in charge of the promotion and makes the
announcements on the VIP websites and makes posters for further promotion.
We are looking forward to organising a lot of fun activities for the first year students this year!

First-Year Committee 2020-2021

Stephan Leurink (2020) Chairman
Rachel Shalini van Breda (2020) -
Lieke Geschiere (2020) -
Jet Hoogers (2020) -
Eline Vianen (2020) -
Britt Evers (2020) -

The first year committee is one of the youngest committees of VIP and consists of six first year students. The committee organizes activities for first year students so that they will be able to get to know each other better. The committee will think of creative new activities. Last year there was a pubquiz, game night and a lunch. The first year committee will come in contact with the owners of the locations and will do all the preperation for the activities.