First year committee


Hi, we are the First Year Committee of 2021-2022. Throughout the upcoming year, we will organise many different but all exciting events for the first year students. We are looking forward to give you the opportunity to meet your fellow students and perhaps make new friends. The chair of this year is Robine Bolhuis. She is in charge of organizing the meetings and she will make sure to create a fun and happy workspace for the committee so everyone will feel heard and safe.

Willemijn is this year’s secretary. She will make sure that all the emails are organized and she will also type everything that has been said during the meetings, to make sure none of the ideas get lost.

Maria is our treasurer. She takes care of the money, the budget and everything related to numbers.

Marrit takes care of the promotion. She advertises all our activities.

Katha and Maja are in charge of external affairs. They make sure to arrange venues for the events and keep in contact with other parties involved.

Hair colour(Dark) BlondeBlondeBrownBrownBlondeBlack
Eye colourBrownblue/grey/green, somebody has to tell me
Shoe size3839,539403941
Fav drunk snacknacho's/Döneranything from the Hoek fries and döner
mangopasta with ketchup
doritos nacho cheese
Which superpower?

telekinesis, so I don't have to stand up anymore to get drinks or food

transportation, I hate travelling
definitely teleportation
teleportationbeing where I want to be within seconds
reading other people’s minds
Best habit?being honest so you  will always know my opinion is truthful
bringing snacks with me incase anybody is hungry
drinking enough water
playing good musiccatching guitar picks/ drum sticks at concerts
taking off my makeup before going to bed after parties
Worst habit?procrastinating everything and therefore most of the time in a hurry
not being able to put in my contact lenses
always forgetting / losing stuff
Don't play a song till the end
I’m always late

leaving my clothes on my chair instead of folding and putting them in the closet

Favorite artists?
it’s more that I just like songs, but if I have to choose I would say: The Weeknd, J. Cole, Yade Lauren, Dua Lipa, Lennon Stella, Mimi Webb & Antoon
ABBA, or anything from the 80’s
impossible to decidepaolo nutini

not easy but some are the libertines, the growlers, the strokes, natalia lafourcade

tom odell, abba, khalid, pitbull
Best themed party?
Euphoriagoing as your favorite artist/band

anything but clothes and cups (you can wear everything besides normal actual clothes and drink from everything that is not a cup)

gala party
High School MusicalMamma Mia

First Year Committee 2021-2022

Robine Bolhuis (2021) Chair
Willemijn Felen (2021) Secretary
Maria Vinokurova (2021) Treasurer
Marrit Hamstra (2021) Promotion
Katharina Kunath (2021) External Affairs
Maja Weronika Proszewska (2021) External Affairs

The first year committee is one of the youngest committees of VIP and consists of six first year students. The committee organizes activities for first year students so that they will be able to get to know each other better. The committee will think of creative new activities. Last year there was a pubquiz, game night and a lunch. The first year committee will come in contact with the owners of the locations and will do all the preperation for the activities.