Lecture Committee


"Hi all! We are the Lecture Committee of 2023!
We hope to deliver lectures that cover unique topics that you have not come across in your studies. This year we will plan 4 lectures and we hope to see you attending them!

Now, let’s introduce ourselves!

Alizée is our Chair. She is the brain of the operation and always reassures us when we are stressed out. Alizée has the wisdom and Zen that is needed in a leader. If Alizée presented a Lecture, her topic would be all the cute cafes in Groningen and which one is the best.

Next we have Anisha, our Secretary. Anisha brings energy to our group, and gives us direction and initiative. You could say Anisha is the powerhouse of the cell, our very own mitochondria. Anisha’s Lecture would be “The Impact of Traveling on the Flourishing of Simeone's' Mental Well-being”.

Next we turn to Mieke, one of our two Externals. She is the mom of the group and keeps the morale of the team high. Mieke is our cheerleader, always believing in us. If Mieke presented a Lecture, her topic would be how Taylor swift lyrics perfectly describe girlhood

Nikki completes our External Affair team. She is a natural comedian and makes all of us laugh when we least expect it. Nikki is so chill, that even a zombie apocalypse could not stop her from making jokes. Nikki’s topic for a Lecture would be about how dogs have a positive impact on a person’s life.

Lastly, we have Chloe, our Promotion. Chloe is creative, and has a vivid imagination which gives her the ability to visualize posters before even touching Canvas. You could say she’s our very own Van Gogh. Chloe’s Lecture would be “The Impact of Interior Design on Mental Well-being”.

Lecture Committee 2023-2024

Alizée Mayer (2022) Chair
Anisha Hoeseni (2023) Secretary
Mieke Waschbüsch (2022) Treasurer/External Affairs
Nikki Bouman (2023) External Affairs
Chloe Iris Serbetsoglou (2022) Promotion

Throughout the year, the Lecture Committee organises different lectures with very interesting psychology-related topics. These lectures are held by an expert from his/her field. 

Email: lecturecommittee@vipsite.nl