Lecture Committee

Hello everyone! We are the Lecture Committee of 2021-2022.We are a study-related committee of Vip
and our job is to organize fun and interesting lectures for you. We are all very excited to have this
opportunity and be an active part of this association!
Teodora is the chair of the committee, and she is in charge of organizing the meeting agendas, informing
the committee members of Vip activities that are taking place and making sure that everything is
running smoothly overall with the lectures. She loves psychology and learning interesting facts about it.
Nick is the secretary in our team, and he keeps track of everything that we talk about during our
meeting, what roles everybody has, and he takes care of some paperwork. Then we have Marieke and
Sophiane, who are both in charge of external affairs. They have quite an important job, contacting both
the lecturers as well as the venues, they also make sure that when our guests come, they are well taken
care of. Marieke is a first-year psychology student, and she is excited to learn new things through being
a part of this committee. Sophiane is a second-year student, and she is looking forward to get to know
the rest of our team better and give all of you the opportunity to learn some new things through the
lectures! Meike is in charge of promotion, designing our posters and posts, and making sure you know
all about what we’re organizing! She is excited to be a part of our team and organize some fun stuff this
We hope to see many of you come to our lectures and that you will enjoy the topics that our lecturers
will be covering!

Lecture Committee 2021-2022

Teodora Cotiga (2020) Chair
Nikita Pytelewski (2019) Secretary
Teya Kasabova (2021) Treasurer
Sophiane Munoz (2021) External Affairs
Marieke Lensen (2021) External Affairs
Meike Boon (2020) Promotion

Throughout the year, the Lecture Committee organises different lectures with very interesting psychology-related topics. These lectures are held by an expert from his/her field. 

Email: lecturecommittee@vipsite.nl