Lecture committee

Hello everyone!
We are this year's Lecture Committee. If, instead of your regular programme, you want to learn something fun and interesting then come to our lectures!
We are a group of 7 girls, who are enthousiastic to plan our lectures and provide you with controversial and exciting topics!
We hope to see you at our lectures!

Lecture Committee


Lexicom 2017-2018

Marieke Podt (2014) Chairman
Ryannah Kroeze (2016) External Affairs
Sofia Barzev (2016) Promotion
Narda Visser (2014) Secretary
Franciska de Beer (2017) External Affairs
Anna Isabel Ploeger (2016) Treasurer
Klara Holzenkamp (2017) Acquisition

The Lecture committee organizes 5 lectures each year. All of them related to a topic within the field of psychology. There have been lectures about drugs, lying, luck, narcism, and many other topics. The committee brainstorms about a topic, tries to find a speaker related to this topic, and makes sure there is a location to hold the lecture. Of course, the committee also takes care of the promotion for the event, and the ticket sale.

E-mail: lecturecommittee@vipsite.nl

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