Lecture committee

Lecture Committee


This years Lecture Committee consists of six very enthusiastic and motivated people. We are determined to organize several interesting lectures this year for you guys! Our topics will be exciting and will reflect the popular interests, but there might also be topics discussed you haven’t heard of before. These topics will not only be interesting for people who study psychology, but also for others! So make sure you get a ticket for one, or more, of our lectures! Our committee consists of these wonderful people:
Our chairwomen is Meret. She is a great leader of our committee, but she can’t handle silence: when it’s quiet she will start talking, no exceptions, overloading us with fun facts no one asked for. Our secretary is Lotte. She is the youngest of us, but has the most experience with committees (this is already her third!!). Besides being our youngest, she is also our party animal. You can find her multiple times a week at a party with a drink in her hand. Our member in charge of promotion is Hannah. She is the most creative of us all and her amazing posters show that. She loves drawing and is completely in her element in her function. Our treasurer is Nadine. She is our smallest member, but she carries big pockets of money and a big personality! As our vegan she is the driving force behind our food choices for the weekly committee dinners. We have two members for external affairs. Our first member is Daniel. He is a very busy man. Besides being in the Lecture Committee, he is also in the Year Representation, and doing Honours College. He basically spends his life in the library. The second member is Isabel. She is one of the few small Dutch people, but she has finally found someone who is smaller than her by joining this committee. We basically only keep her around for her cats and her apartment.

Lecture Committee

Lotte Bakker (2017) Secretary
Hannah Benninger (2018) Promotion
Meret Ridderbusch (2018) Chairman
Daniel Middendorf (2018) External Affairs
Nadine Rombach (2019) Treasurer
Amber Isabella Velthuijsen (2019) External Affairs

Throughout the year, the lecture committee organises different lectures with very interesting psychology-related topic. These lectures are held by an expert from his/her field. 

Email: lecturecommittee@vipsite.nl 

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