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Hi! We are the BSS Congress Committee. On the 29th of May we will organise a congress for the student of the Behavioural and Social Sciences faculty of the University of Groningen. This means our committee consists of psychology, pedagogical sciences and sociology students! Our committee consists of eight girls: Yvette, Janneke, Pien, Ellyne, Ralina, Charlotte, Janita and Jip. 

Yvette is our chairman. She is 23 years old and is a third-year pedagogical sciences student. She is basically the leader of our committee. 

Ellyne is the secretary of the committee. She is 21 years old and in her second year of sociology. The main tasks of a secretary are writing the minutes and managing the email.

Then there are Janneke and Pien, they are both 21 years old and psychology students. They are responsible for the day organization. Together, they approach the speakers, host, and masterclass leaders and keep in contact with the location. On the day itself they will make sure that everything runs smoothly.

The acquisition will be done by Charlotte, who is 22 years old and studies Psychology, and Janita, who is 20 years old and studies to become a teacher at a primary school. Their job is to find enthusiastic sponsors to collect funds for the Congress. The companies that sponsor the Congress have the opportunity to promote their company on this special day. Finally, they will make sure that there will be plenty of companies attending the network event afterwards.

Jip is in charge of the Public Relations. This means she will be responsible for the promotion of the congress. She is 21 years old and studies sociology at the University of Groningen. 

Last but not least, Ralina is the treasurer of our committee. She is 18 years old and is in her second year of Psychology. Her task is to make sure that our enthusiastic committee stays in between the boundaries of our budget plan and to discuss our progress as a whole team.

The purpose of the congress is to keep students of the Behavioural and Social Sciences faculty motivated by giving them interesting talks and to make them more employable by giving them masterclasses about improving certain skills.

So, make sure to join us at the Martiniplaza on the 29th of May!

Congress Committee 2019-2020

Ralina F. Fatykhova (2019) Treasurer
Pien van der Kolk (2016) Day Organization
Charlotte van Woerkom (2017) Acquisition
Janneke Zijlstra (2017) Day Organization

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