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Congress Committee

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Isabel Velthuijsen, Janita de Boer, Ellyne Slik, Sara Kruit, Manon Prakken & Nynke Blom

Hi! We are the Congress Committee and we will organise this year’s BSS Congress, which is a congress for students of the faculty of Behavioural and Social Sciences. This means we consist ofmembers of all three of the study associations: VIP, Odiom, and Sociëtas!

Our chairman is Sara Kruit. Sara is currently in her third year of the academic PABO. She is also a third-year active member of Odiom and has been in several committees. As the chairman of the committee, she makes sure everything is going well and helps the other committee members when possible. She’s still a little unsure about her career plans, but among the things that caught her interest so far are working at a school or at the ministry of education.

Sara’s right hand is Isabel, who is the secretary of the committee. Isabel is a third-year psychology student with a passion for forensics. As secretary, she makes sure the mail is being taken care of, and she makes the minutes during our meetings. After her bachelor’s, Isabel would love to start with the master Clinical Forensic Psychology and Victimology and work in the forensic psychology field.

Our accountant or treasurer is Arina. Arina is a second-year psychology student, and also a second-year VIP member. As the treasurer of the committee, she has a really important function, as she makes sure our income and expenses are taken care of. At the moment she has no concrete master or career
plans and enjoys getting introduced to the many subjects psychology has to offer. The CoCo is a perfect opportunity to find out even more about that! 
One of our moneymakers is Janita. Together with Laura, she is responsible for the acquisition.

Janita is currently in the last year of the academic PABO, and also her fourth year of Odiom. Last year she was also responsible for the acquisition of the Congress Committee, but sadly the congress was
canceled due to corona… However, she enjoyed it so much she is doing it again this year! For her internship, she is a teacher for 5 th /6 th grade, and she is planning to keep doing this as a career after her studies.

The other committee member responsible for the acquisition is Laura. Laura is currently doing the sociology pre-master. Last year she finished the study Social Work.  In her previous study she gained quite a lot of experience by doing several committees. As we’re hosting a pretty big event, being
responsible for acquisition is a really fun task, because you have quite a lot to offer possible sponsors. 

Our promotion gal is Manon. Manon is a third-year psychology student and also a third-year active VIP member. As head of promotion Manon is responsible for updating our social media and website,
and also for making the posters and program booklet. She hesitated a lot about which direction she wanted to go within psychology but is now almost certainly going to apply for the Social Psychology

Nynke is responsible for the day organisation, together with Ellyne. Nynke is currently in her third year of the psychology bachelor. She is now responsible for the content of the day for the Congress Committee, which she enjoys a lot. She is currently considering the Talent- and Development and Creativity master, but she is keeping her options open!

Ellyne is also responsible for the day organisation. Ellyne is currently in her third year of the sociology bachelor. She is not completely sure about the master she wants to do and was drawn to this committee as she is hoping to help her find her interests and explore more about the possibilities after her studies! Being responsible for the day organisation is a very important and fun task, as it means
arranging the speakers, host and the workshops for the congress. 

Currently, we are working really hard to make the congress a big success. It will take place on the 7 th
of May 2021 (save the date!) and we are really looking forward to seeing you there!

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