Purpose of a Study Association

In general, it is quite common for Dutch students to join associations when they start studying in order to meet new people and to have a good time during their studies. Groningen offers a broad variety of associations: Study associations, students associations, but also sports associations or cultural associations. For incoming students it can be quite confusing to gain an overview of the association system in the beginning. We will therefore provide you with some information about the associations that are located in the city and, most important, where VIP stands amongst them.

VIP (Study associations)

Study associations like they exist in the Netherlands are a unique concept and can in such a form hardly be found in other countries. Study associations begin where your study program stops and consist of students following the same study while trying to build a bridge between study-related tasks and social activities. 

The purpose of a study association can be divided into three main objectives:

·         Connection to the study program

·         Gaining practical insights into the field

·         Main purpose: Having a great time together!

In order to stick to all these objectives, VIP offers you the following possibilities:

Connection to the study program

In cooperation with the teachers, VIP provides additional features for all members, which will make your life during your study a lot easier! We offer for example tutoring for statistics or a large discount on your study books!

Gaining practical insight into the field

VIP provides you with the opportunity to broaden your knowledge about psychological topics and to gain practical insight into different work fields of psychology by organizing several study related activities such as lectures, conferences, workshops or day trips. For example, last year we organized a day-trip to a center for victims of domestic violence, a laugh workshop, an interactive lecture about criminal profiling and, in collaboration with the other study associations from our faculty, the Conference of Behavioral and Social Sciences.

Social aspect

Next, to all the study related activities, VIP also organizes events that have the single purpose of having a lot of fun! An example of that would be cocktail workshops, the yearly hitchhiking contest, the student exchange, or the participation at the world’s longest relay race, the Batavierenrace! Since we Vippers really enjoy hanging out together and having a great time. Do not miss out on joining us for our monthly “borrels”, the Dutch version of having relaxed drinks together. A VIP “borrel” means coming together in a bar, enjoying a great atmosphere and having a beer with a large discount. Furthermore, several times a year VIP organizes creative theme parties, which you do not want to miss!

Student associations

In contrast to study associations, student associations are not restricted to students from a specific study. Student associations usually focus on the social aspect of student life, meaning that students primarily join them in order to meet new people and to have a fun time during their student life. In order to become a member of the largest student associations, it is usually required to join a mandatory introduction period (hazing).

Sports associations, cultural associations, etc

Sports associations and cultural associations are similar to student associations in a way that they are open to students from all different study programs. All students who are interested in a certain sports/ cultural activity can join them.