Studying abroad

Going on exchange can be a lifetime experience! Not only do you have the possibility to experience a different education system but at the same time you can explore a new culture, meet new people, learn a new language and have precious intercultural experiences that you will never forget!

The Faculty of Behavioural and Social Sciences has close to 100 partner universities in and outside of Europe. Students have the opportunity to study abroad at one of these universities for one semester during the third year of their Bachelor’s degree programme. An exchange semester at one of the partner universities is funded by either Erasmus+ (exchange inside Europe) or Marco Polo (exchange outside of Europe).

If you are interested in studying abroad you should start preparing your exchange semester as early as possible. Important points you need to take into account are: eligibility criteria, language requirements, course offer, semester dates abroad, finances, application criteria and deadlines.

The partner universities that are available to BSS students belong to different ‘channels’. For each channel, there is a different application procedure. You have to distinguish between the exchange contracts the Faculty BSS has with universities inside and outside of Europe and the so-called university-wide exchange agreements of the RUG (Centre for Canadian Studies, Multi Faculty Exchange, International Credit Mobility).

More detailed information on how to prepare yourself for an exchange semester and how to apply for a study period abroad can be found in the Step-by-Step Guide via our Study Abroad Pages on the Student Portal.

Should you have any questions, you can contact the Mobility Office of the Faculty of Behavioural and Social Sciences:


Phone: +31 (0)50 363 6559

A request for scheduling an appointment with the Mobility Office can be made via this website:

Insurances JoHo 

Next to these vacancies and the well-known fact that JoHo has summaries for a lot of courses of all the bachelor years and multiple masters, they also have possibilities regarding your insurances regarding being abroud. If you are doing this for studies or just to go abroad, take a look at their options for insurances on their site

What does JoHo do in the field of insurance?

JoHo has evolved into an expert in providing support for administrative matters and insurance when departing abroad. JoHo offers benefits and services to donors when taking out health and property insurance at home, as well as travel, cancellation, emigration, and expat insurance both domestically and internationally. By obtaining insurance through JoHo or having it processed through JoHo, you contribute to JoHo's mission: enabling individuals and organizations to collaborate more effectively and thus contribute to a tolerant, understanding, and sustainable world.

Why should you take out insurance through JoHo?

There are five main reasons to take out insurance through JoHo:

  1. Specialization: JoHo specializes in emigration, work, internships, study, and travel abroad.
  2. Specificity: When compiling the insurance offerings, the principle is to provide choices from the best, most cost-effective, and most specialized options.
  3. Service: JoHo offers plans from multiple insurers, extensive experience with and support for issues with insurers, personalized advice, and fast and individualized processing.
  4. Safety: JoHo is recognized as an intermediary in the field of insurance.
  5. Social: By obtaining insurance through JoHo, you also ensure a better life for someone else.