Career committee

Career Committee


Career Committee 2021-2022

We are the Career Committee of ‘21/’22. We can’t wait to organize four incredible career nights for you guys. To get to know us, we wrote a short introduction about ourselves.
Emma’s function is external affairs, since she is very open-minded and outgoing and loves to talk to people. That’s why she really enjoys spending time with the committee or at other events in general, as well as spending time with friends and playing sports (preferably football or going to the gym).
Annick is part of our external affairs team this year. She is very enthusiastic. In her free time she likes to sing and party.
Our treasurer for this year is Koen! He is present at almost all VIP events, so keep an eye out for him. He likes to play the guitar, hang out with his friends and listen to music in his spare time.
Nymphe does promotion and making posters suits her very well as she loves to be creative! You can say for sure that art is the way to her heart.
Natascha is the secretary of the committee. As a first year student she liked the idea of joining a committee to see what a future in psychology can be like and to meet and connect with new people. In her free time she likes to practice yoga or go for a run. She also loves music (live music especially!) and learning about new things and cultures.
Faye is the chairwoman this year. She might be chaotic at times, but in the end she always comes through. She likes to sport in her free time, usually rowing at Gyas or going to the gym. She also enjoys making music and playing some instruments.

Career Committee 2021-2022

Faye Yu Huang (2019) Chair
Natascha Lange (2021) Secretary
Nymphe Zwiers (2021) Promotion
Emma Lotta Johanna Syring (2021) External Affairs
Annick Bouma (2021) External Affairs
Koen Gierkink (2021) Treasurer

The Career committee organizes four career-evenings every year. The topics of each evening are based on the different master programs that are offered at the University of Groningen. This means the evenings will be about Developmental Psychology, Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Social Psychology, Clinical Psychology, and Neuropsychology. On these career-evenings, people from the field will come and talk about their work and their career. They will also give career tips to the participants. If you are in this committee, you will mostly be busy trying to find multiple speakers for each evening and a location. Flyers will also be handed out to let people know there will be a career evening.