Career committee

Career Committee


Career committee 2020-2021

Emran is our secretary, he generally enjoys hanging out with his friends from his football team, Gruno 6. Then we have our chairman, Bennet! He loves sports and cooking dinner with friends while also matching the right wine to it. He has several experiences with similar projects like the career committee and therefore loves to organize it and have the overview of the whole event as a chairman. Furthermore, we have our beloved Friede, she only thinks about food. You better not talk to her being hungry. She even gives some life advice: Never skip breakfast, and if possible have it as lunch and dinner too. Together with Tobias they manage the external affairs. Tobias, AKA Tobi is our guy for making google docs. He always has a cup of tea in his hand and is always ready to go! Then we have our lovely treasurer, Hannah. She is always busy (since she is doing honours and different volunteering). She can be found studying or reading with a glass of wine if not coffee. She loves going for evening walks or doing sports. Last but not least, we have Salih. He takes care of the promotion of this committee. He likes sports and hanging out with his friends. He finds it important that we have a good appearance as a committee.

Career committee 2020-2021

Friederike Stark (2018) External Affairs
Hanna-Sophia Widhoelzl (2019) Treasurer
Emran Ahmady (2020) Secretary
Tobias Kroner (2020) External Affairs
Salih Tatlicioglu (2020) Promotion
Bennet Fynn Hieronymi (2020) Chairman

The Career committee organizes four career-evenings every year. The topics of each evening are based on the different master programs that are offered at the University of Groningen. This means the evenings will be about Developmental Psychology, Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Social Psychology, Clinical Psychology, and Neuropsychology. On these career-evenings, people from the field will come and talk about their work and their career. They will also give career tips to the participants. If you are in this committee, you will mostly be busy trying to find multiple speakers for each evening and a location. Flyers will also be handed out to let people know there will be a career evening.