Career committee


We are the Career Committee 2023/2024. Throughout the year, we will organise three career nights, where you can hear about different career paths and learn more about what you could do after graduating! 

Let us introduce ourselves to you:

Emma is one of our two Externals, and as a bonus, also does our Promotion! The gorgeous promotion posters are her doing. We’ve been Dutchify her by teaching her Dutch words & feeding her bitterballen (she’s likes them)

Jesse is our second External. He takes care of the locations, keeps us laughing and advocates for Old-Gold Career Hoodies. His last name matches his favourite drink: wine!

Sil is our Secretary. He oversees the budget and is the guy you should thank for the free drinks at every event ;) Every meeting starts with Mandatory Backpack Shaming. Ask him about the story behind that… 

Annick is our Chair. She makes the agenda’s and checks off the to-do list. She has a whole cabinet of different flavours of tea and only ever drinks one.

Career Committee 2023-2024

Annick Vorstenbosch (2023) Chair
Sil Jansen (2023) Secretary
Jesse Johannes Weijn (2023) Treasurer/External Affairs
Emma Boye (2023) External Affairs/Promotion

The Career committee organizes four career-evenings every year. The topics of each evening are based on the different master programs that are offered at the University of Groningen. This means the evenings will be about Developmental Psychology, Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Social Psychology, Clinical Psychology, and Neuropsychology. On these career-evenings, people from the field will come and talk about their work and their career. They will also give career tips to the participants. If you are in this committee, you will mostly be busy trying to find multiple speakers for each evening and a location. Flyers will also be handed out to let people know there will be a career evening.