Workshop/inhouse committee

Workshop/inhouse committee


The workshop/inhouse committee organizes three daytrips and three workshops every year. Everybody can sign up for these. We do our very best to provide the most interesting and broadening activities.

Our chairman is Jasmijn. We’re not surprised if you haven’t heard from her before, because she never goes to any lectures. She thinks being chairman will save her resume. She also thinks it’s normal to go on holidays during college weeks and resit exams. Also, we’ve seen her more in her boyfriend’s clothes then her own.

For the acquisition we have Marijne. She’s in charge of the finances of the committee, but it’s a shame she can’t even manage her own finances. She says she wants to eat healthy, but every meeting she still needs to open her zipper to make room. The committee always tempts her with desert (and she always gives in).

As our external affairs team, Renske and Leyla manage all the contacts with the externs. Except during statistics lectures, cause this is Renske’s favorite course. Also, she always eats raw vegetables (she specifically loves broccoli). She hopes this way she will get salmonella, so she has a legit reason to skip lectures.

Oh, we skipped Leyla. That’s because she’s so small, you easily forget she’s there. Luckily she makes enough negative comments to get noticed. In her ideal world she would sleep all day and only eat eierballen. Except when we want to eat them, because she’s stubborn like that.

Our PROMO-team Marije (which sounds too much like Marijne, it's confusing) started off great by winning the best poster during the function meeting. Unfortunately alarm bells started ringing after it took her a WHOLE WEEK to eat the twix that she won. Being the thinnest of the committee didn’t help her when she slumped through Sascha’s chair.

Sascha is our secretary and committee baby. She will always choose hockey before the committee, and is the only one who chooses exercising before sleep (this makes it hard to trust her).  She is always the one who does the groceries. Also, she has the most amazing room. Unfortunately for her, Marije is slowly demolishing it.

We hope we see you all during our activities!


Workshop/Inhouse committee

Workshop/in-house committee 2018-2019

Marije Boer (2017) Promotion
Sascha Catsburg (2018) Secretary
Leyla Cisme (2015) External Affairs
Renske Jonker (2017) External Affairs
Marijne van der Meer (2017) Treasurer
Jasmijn Eva van Rangelrooij (2017) Chairman

The workshop/inhouse committee organizes at least two psychology related workshops a year and organised three daytrips to insitutions or companies where psychologists work. 


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