Workshop/inhouse committee

Workshop/inhouse Committee


The workshop/inhouse committee organizes three daytrips and three workshops every year. Everybody can sign up for these. We do our very best to provide the most interesting and broadening activities. (From left to right: Robien, Moisha, Yvonne, Esmee, Luca, Louise)

Louise is our ChairWOMAN. Besides running the agenda biz and making sure we, her ducklings, all get our stuff done, she is the ‘sfeermaker‘ of the group, trying to make every meeting ‘gezellig’. She loves playing games (just not monopoly, please) over some redwine and grapes (she’s also half french, as you could tell maybe). As for the german half, she listens to the most weird Dutch songs, trying to learn Dutch, she said - bonnetje mee? But jokes aside, ask her to sing for you and enjoy. Fun fact: other than Dutch songs, she also has a passion for old school hiphop music. 

Luca is our treasurer, not only for us, but also for her own house. She is a sweet and inquisitive girl, who has a slight addiction to Grey's anatomy and loves to sleep (don’t even try to take her space in bed, she needs it all!). Luca can cook the best pumpkin soup, so we love to have our meetings at her home. If she could live in any fictional world, she would go to Hogwarts. Fun fact: Is very passionate about monopoly as she has declared: ‘I can’t be friends with you if you don’t like Monopoly’.

Moisha is our secretary. She is the silent one of the group, you can find

 her behind her laptop taking notes during our meetings. Moisha is not a morning-person, because she snoozes her alarm every morning for exactly 3 times and because of that, she never has breakfast. She also has a very big family and is really into singing and music. Fun fact: she's half indonesian, half dutch and on top of english, she is also learning korean!

Esmee takes care of the promotion. She is our trivia and football queen, which might also be because she tends to cheat at games. If you ever see her and she doesn’t greet you, it might be because without her contact lenses she’s basically blind. If she could be friends with a fictional character, she would like to be friends with Eleanor Shellstrop from The Good Place.

She also has the biggest and most beautiful apartment. Fun fact: She can recognize a lot of actors.

Yvonne (no, you won’t find her on Instagram) takes care of our external affairs. She’s our call girl ;), making sure the workshops and daytrips are communicated in detail. She has lived in Groningen for 5 years and knows everything about the city. She is very ambitious, as Psychology is already her second study. She is also learning Chinese. Fun fact: Behind her cute smile is a badass motor racing woman!

Robien aka. Committee battle master, is partly external affairs as well as helping Esmee out for Promotion. She is also a party girl that loves to socialize. She’s travelled to the most awesome places and has some very cool stories to tell. If she could be any animal, she would be a lion just like the lion king. She might also be the only person in the world who thinks that this movie is not sad. Fun fact: She was a big high school musical fan when she was younger.

We hope we see you all during our activities!


Workshop/Inhouse committee

WOrkshop/In-house committee 2019-2020

Robien Akkerman (2019) External Affairs
Esmee Dellemijn (2018) Promotion
Louise Eichinger (2018) Chairman
Luca Gerresheim (2018) Treasurer
Moísha Matahelumual (2017) Secretary
Yvonne Smit (2019) External Affairs

The workshop/inhouse committee organizes at least two psychology related workshops a year and organised three daytrips to insitutions or companies where psychologists work. 


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