Workshop/inhouse committee

We, the Workshop/in-house, organise four activities and two daytrips. These are all study related. By the daytrips we want to help you to get a better view of the working field of psychology. For example, this year we have visited the Rehabilitation Centre in Beetsterzwaag and the Van Mesdag clinic in Groningen. By the activities we want to introduce you to a side or part of psychology you don’t know that well because for example our study program doesn’t contain it, like hypnotherapy or mindfulness.

And although the ambiance is mostly grimmig, we have a committee evening each week where we eat together and drink some wine. Now we will introduce our members:

Jolien is the mommy of the group Mark is the king of poop

Maryëlle is so young she’s not allowed to drink

While Miriam pukes in the sink

Sem doesn’t care about anything when he’s drunk

Cora is our ambitious German junk

And Lisann will never be there

So about her, you don't have to care


Workshop/in-house committee 2017-2018

Sem Hangx (2016) Acquisitie
Maryëlle Hoogeveen (2017) Treasurer
Miriam Leijzer (2016) Chairman
Mark Oostra (2016) External Affairs
Jolien Schalk (2017) External Affairs
Cora Marie Schulz (2017) Promotion
Lisann Wollerich (2016) Secretary

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