Year representation 1

Year Representation 1


Hi everyone! We’re proud to present to you this year’s First Year Representation crew that will work together in order to enhance your academic life consisting of Reka, Mikaella, Kaitlyn and Amy. 

We are all from the same course on the English track and we will create reports on all of the courses we will complete this year. We gather information for these reports from you guys. We find out specifically what you liked or disliked, so that we can then relay this information to our lecturers and teachers. We also attend meetings with the Education Platform where we discuss certain points of interest with the Exam Board, Education Board, course coordinators and other year representation groups, so that we can help improve our education! We look forward to working with you all this year!

Year Representation 1 2019-2020

Amy O Connell (2019) -
Mikaella Kyriakou (2018) -
Kaitlyn Kait Mistral-Bernard (2019) -
Reka Novak (2019) -

We value your opinion!

Do you have any complaints, comments or questions about a course? Do you want to express your opinion? Send an e-mail to your year representation!

The English year representation for first year students consists of five students from the same year. The year represantation is co-responsible for the improvement of the quality of the study. They do this by keeping track of how fellow students think about the courses, the lectures, and exams. The year representatives write a report about what students think about a course. They get this information by talking to as many students as possible and keeping their opinion in mind.  furthermore deliberate with the program committee, the faculty board, the faculty council and the program director about good and improvable points of the study. 


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