Event committee

The event committee organizes two activities per year for you! Which awesome people are taking care of these two weekends? Let’s see..

The chairwoman of the committee is Britt. Who, with all her board experience, always knows something about anything (That really makes a difference in how much we need to figure out by googling). Next to Britt is the always smiling Iris, who types down everything everyone says during our meetings. Sometimes she is allowed to talk, of which she makes grateful use by turning to Luc and say something about why she thinks he is crazy (but friendly). Because yes, Luc can be a little crazy sometimes. What would you do when you are the only guy between five other girls who can’t stop talking? Well Luc – as the acquisition fixer - can’t stop talking either, so he fits very well between the rest of us. When Luc raised money again, Tineke will always happily drop it in her ‘huishoudboekje’ to check if we, because of all the ‘gezelligheid’ also take the money into account. She thinks red is a nice color, but not if its on our account number. If it appears that the money is well arranged, our talkative Lisan tries to contact the best hostels, restaurants and other people to work with, to make sure we won’t be homeless, hungry or bored during these two weekends! When she succeeded, we call in our most creative person, Yentl, to put an extra flair to the event by creating the nicest Posters which you can find everywhere at the faculty! (You can’t miss it). She does stalk our whatsapp-groupchat all the time with new ideas, but since they’re good ideas we don’t mind.

So. With this team we are trying to make the best out of the two event-weekends this year. We hope to see you all there!

Love, the Eventcommittee ‘17’18


Event committee 2017-2018

Yentl Meidam (2017) Chairman & Promotion
Iris Put (2016) Secretary
Tineke Rijpma (2016) Treasurer
Lisan Overdijk (2015) External Affairs
Luc Gerrits (2015) Acquisition

The Event committee of VIP organizes two weekend activities each year. The first one is the hitchhiking contest in the second weekend of December. The committee chooses where the weekend will be take place. In the past we hitchhiked to big cities like Paris and Berlin as well as small ones such as Heidelberg and Trier. 
The second activity is the Batavierenrace. The race is the biggest rally race of the world and takes place at the end of April. The competition starts in Nijmegen, Friday night at 00:00 o’clock and ends on Saturday afternoon on campus of the University of Enschede. 
The committee, when organizing the hitchhiking contest, will come in contact with hostel owners in other countries and will reserve a bus for the journey back. For the Batavierenrace, the event committee will hire a trainer and takes care of everything is going smoothly during the weekend.

E-mail: eventcommittee@vipsite.nl

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