Event committee

Event committee


Hello, and welcome to the page of the event committee! Our committee organizes two really fun events: the hitchhiking weekend and the batavierenrace. But first, let us introduce ourselves to you! We are a committee of six very ‘gezellige’ people. First, we have our crazy chairwoman Hannah (aka “Hans”) who keeps track of everything and makes sure that the organization of the events goes smoothly. As a matter of professionalism, she loves to use her hammer to open and close the meetings, that's if she doesn’t forget it... Next, we have our sweet secretary Shona (aka “Sjonnie”). She makes sure everything we say in a meeting is written down in the minutes (which is a lot haha). On top of this she writes down all the new dutch words that she learns from the rest of us. Ruben (aka “Molly”), who is our cool promo man, will be in charge of making the posters and advertising our amazing events. He also always has a good story to tell. Maaike (or also known as “Magic Maaike”) will use her charm and endless energy, as our acquisition girl, to raise money for the committee. We are confident that she will make the companies laugh as much as she makes us. Next, we have Lot (aka “Kaboutertje”) who will take care of external affairs by dancing her way into other people’s emails and phone calls to fix the best deals. Last but not least, we have Chiron (aka “Churros”), our treasurer. He is very good at budgeting our committee money and managing our expenses, but also very generous on a night out. The six of us are very excited for the two fun-filled weekend we organize and we hope that you will join us. 

Event committee 2019-2020

Maaike Mulder (2017) Acquisition
Hannah Depner (2018) Chairman
Lot Mulder (2018) External Affairs
Shona Marshall (2018) Secretary
Ruben Molanus (2019) Promotion
Chiron Grolleman (2019) Treasurer

 The event committee organizes two big activities. One activity usually is a hitchhiking contest, the other one is the participation at the Batavierenrace.

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