Event committee

Event committee


We are proud to introduce the Event Committee of 2020/21. Comprised of 4 delicious Dutchies and 2 irresistible Irishmen, feel free to swipe right on us all ;). Normally we organize two amazing events, the Hitching Competition and the Batavierenrace. This year we will probably have to be more creative!

Sam, 20 year old, Dutch/Beligian and the daddy of the group. Is too busy for his committee most of the week but still finds the time to serial date. He will dazzle you with his luscious curls that he swears don’t take 3 hours each day to shape (but we know better, so don’t be fooled ladies). Just a side note, when the headband is on, things will get done. Swipe right if ou want a man that means business and good hugs.

Amy, 20 year old, Irish and of course the stereotypical sexy secretary (you know the one with no secretarial skills). It doesn’t matter what age you are or where you come from, you’re probably better than most of the other creepy old men she’s dated in the past. But don’t be surprised if you get friendzoned, it’s not personal. This girl can just not say no to anything that has a pulse. So what you gotta lose (except maybe a swimming race and your memory from the night before)? Swipe right.

Laura, 20 year old, Dutch and the lady of numbers. Not only is she our valued treasurer, but also has a side-hobby of rating all of her dates. So step it up boys (or maybe you’re already talking to her on Tinder)! But let’s get one thing straight, this is casual. Her motto is; ‘the higher the clip, the less likely the ship.’ Just know, you won’t be sorry when you swipe right.

Adam, 22 year old, Irish and the man of all affairs, external affairs. May look like a hard hot shot but will cry if shown a picture of a Shiba (preferably his own). Cannot take one thing seriously, except when it comes to smashing expensive crockery items. Ladies, he’s a catch. He won’t steal your dessert, the lactose is too much for him to handle. Do it for the chocolate, swipe right.

Carmen, 20 year old, Dutch and a ruthless gold digger. At first glance she may seem like an innocent and quiet girl but she will knock your Gucci socks off with her seductive acquisition charm. Be careful, your heart may be broken in the process. Watch out for this hot, new
sugar baby on the block. Swipe right….if you dare.

Charlotte, 22 year old, Dutch and not only creative with her promotion ;). Keep your man locked up at home because this home-wrecker puts the charm right into the name Charlotte. With her intoxicating dance moves, she will tempt all the boys into her DMs. So keep on your toes ladies (and don’t try to challenge her to a dance battle; disclaimer; you won’t win)! As Dora once said; swiper no swiping! But that doesn’t stop everybody else from swiping right, so go ahead.

We’re looking forward to matching with you all, and attending our events as our sexy plusones.

Lots of love,

The Event xxx

Eventcommittee 2020-2021

Amy O Connell (2019) -
carmen labee (2019) -
Adam McGrane McGrane (2020) -
Laura Harmina Keijzer (2019) -
Charlotte Visscher (2020) -

 The event committee organizes two big activities. One activity usually is a hitchhiking contest, the other one is the participation at the Batavierenrace.