Dies committee

Dies Committee


Welcome to our committee page! Here we will give you an introduction to our committee and its members.
The Dies committee is perhaps the most important committee VIP has got. That is, because we organize the Diesweek, which is meant to celebrate the birth of VIP! And who doesn’t love a birthday party (especially if it lasts three days). We also organize the Introduction Camp.
Diesweek and IC are meant to be an introduction for the first-year students, to get to know their soon-to-be-classmates and fellow VIPers. Both are filled with fun activities and great parties, which will be a nice bonding opportunity. We hope to give everyone a memorable time and that when you’re done with your studies, you will still look back at the Diesweek and Intro Camp of 2021, where you’ve hopefully met a lot of your closest friends!
To ensure the very smooth organizing of the Diesweek and Introduction Camp, we have
gathered the best members (Very Important Persons) of VIP and put them together in the Dies committee.
First of all, we have Rosa, our very responsible chairwoman. Even though she has a dating life where you say u tegen, Rosa always keeps a close eye on us and makes sure everything goes as planned and everyone does what they are supposed to do. Then to
capture all our genius ideas and make sure they are saved during our gezellige meetings, we have our secretary Babette. She will write everything down carefully and at the same time makes everybody laugh with some silly question or funny story once in a while. For these ideas we’ll need a lot of money, which will be collected easily by our power team of acquisition. Consisting of the charismatic Corné and the enthusiastic Lot. Together they will use their persuasive skills to get a great budget to work with. Of course, this money can’t be wasted, so to make sure every single cent ends up where it belongs, we have our very sweet but also very smart and observant treasurer Sebastiaan. He will always give the ladies a cute compliment while doing his treasurer work. Even though the members of the Dies committee have a lot to offer by themselves, we can still use some external help. Which is why we have Jelle, our amazing external affairs person. As the coolest member of the committee, he is the ultimate person to keep contact with the coolest places and the best people, so that we can give you the most amazing events during our Diesweek and Introduction Camp. And of course, we need to reach a much new, fun first-year students as possible. To make this happen, we have our always smiling Sylke, who will promote all our events and keep you updated with all of her creative flyers and social media posts. 
We hope to see all of you in the Diesweek and at the Introduction Camp!
The DIES/IC-committee 2020/2021

Dies 2020-2021

Rosa van der Schoor (2019) Chairman
Corné Jansen (2018) -
Sebastiaan Bensink (2019) -
Jelle Stegeman (2019) -
Lot Mulder (2018) -
Sylke Lydia Klomp (2019) -
Babette Bijen (2020) -

The Dies committee organized the Diesweek/ Introduction camp. VIP celebrates the arrival of new students with our Diesweek (birthday week) and our introduction camp. Everybody is welcome, and there are a lot of fun activities or parties you can join. You definitely do not want to miss this!