Dies committee



Let me introduce you to Anne Sofie, also known as Souf. Despite her role as the dedicated chair of our group, our committee evenings often take delightful detours as Souf likes to share her funny stories throughout the whole evening. Her leadership shines through in her multitude of ideas, shaping not only the tone of the dies week and camp but also the vision for our committee evenings. She brings out every drinking game that exists and wants to participate with us, starting with a silent dinner. With the dies week and camp on the horizon, we have no doubt about the innovative ideas she'll bring to these upcoming events. Interestingly, Souf has a unique preference for beverages. She's not particularly fond of chugging a beer, earning her the nickname Anne Barfie. However, her enthusiasm for a refined glass of wine, or perhaps a few more, adds a touch of sophistication to our committee evenings. So, the next time you encounter Souf, don't hesitate to grab a glass of wine and immerse yourself in her amazing ideas. You’ll never know what will come out of it.


Our lovely secretary for this year is Diede, also known as Tink. Hailing proudly from Twente, her accent is as much a part of her as her detailed note-taking skills during our meetings—especially when we drift off-topic more often than not. Outside of keeping track of our weekly antics, Diede loves diving into the chaos of carnival in the little villages around Twente. She also enjoys the atmosphere at Donitas, where she plays volleyball mostly for the fun of it. Don't let her calm appearance fool you; behind that innocent look is someone who knows how to turn a quiet evening into an unexpected night out. In short, this delightful blonde is someone you can't miss, whether it's in meetings or bumping into her around town. You’ll be surprised by her down-to-earth charm and most importantly, her exceptional beer drinking skills. 


I want to introduce you to Ilse, also known as Pilse. At first, she may seem like a cute, innocent girl, but nothing could be further from the truth. Once you've seen her dance, there's no turning back. This quality works well for her relationship, as it tends to scare off guys before they can make a move. Ilse co-invented our official committee dance, of which we are very proud. While some committee members are still figuring out the steps, Ilse is fully committed and performs it like there's no tomorrow. In addition to her dance contribution, she is also entrusted with managing our finances this year. Unafraid to change course, she randomly decided to alter the amounts achieved last year. When you meet Ilse, don't hesitate to approach her and ask for a dance. I promise you won't regret it.


The next member is Vera, she is the external of the group. She is already in her third year of psychology and only decided to join a committee this year. She’s a sporty type, every week she can be found at Donitas to play volleyball. Her big hobby is dancing, but only when she has had a few drinks ;)) Vera entertains her one evening in the club with good music and just dancing. She likes to have a drink and go out on the terrace (which she says is her only hobby ;)) Finally, Vera is a spontaneous and fun girl who is a real asset to our group.


I want to introduce you to Lotte. Lotte is our amazing promoter. Lucky for us, she is very creative. You will see when our DIES sweaters are done. Canva was a bit of a struggle, but even that she figured out. Lotte is a sweet little girl, but she loves to party. This is noticeble by her voice. A lovely little edge, wich makes it amazing to listen to her. Too bad i’ve never heard her singing. Lotte doesn't like to sit still. She is not only a Member of VIP but also of Albertus. She enjoys both worlds. Buttt we were very disappointed when she chose petitieweekend over active members weekend. Lucky for her, she has allll year to make it up to us. I am very grateful to be Lotte's committee member. And im looking forward to all the monday evenings i may listen to her beautiful voice, see all
her creative creations and hopefully hear her singing.


And then we have our one and only Renske. Renske is one of our acquisition girlies. She's really putting in the effort because, if she's the last to hit €1000, she has to down a liter. (Best of luck in advance :)) But we have a lot of trust in Renske; after all, who can resist her charms? If you're wondering where Renske is, there's a good chance she's at the ub. Yet, if you do spot her at the ub, it's a safe bet she's creating some unconventional dance moves in her mind while pretending to study. There's no song she can't turn into a choreography! She is a real dancing queen and especially her Michael Jackson moves are on point. Renske brings a lot of gezelligheid to the group. She is always up to something and has the best stories to share—she's a great storyteller. Plus, she's likely to laugh at your jokes, even if they're not that funny. We're super lucky to have Renske in our committee!


Our committee wouldn’t be complete without Meike, also known as Henkie (long story, but all you have to know is that Meike herself does not really agree with this name yet). Meike is a smart girl, but she doesn’t always sound that smart. This is what makes her so funny tho, there isn't a committee night where no one is in tears of laughter of some comment she makes. Meike herself blames her comments on the fact that she is deaf for 33%, which would make a little more sense. Anyways, enough with the roasting. Of course she also has an important job within the committee, and her big mouth comes in very handy for this function. Meike is our acquisitioner, together with Renske. We are certain she will achieve our target, and if not.. we will probably hear her telling Renske how disappointed she is in her.. because that’s what she told Renske about a 100 times during active members weekend, when Renske made the right decision for once.. she went to bed early. Another night where we got to know Meike’s stubbornness, was the night of our transition dinner. She just couldn’t stop laughing, making it all a little harder for herself. But all things aside, Meike is an amazing girl and will be an amazing acquisitioner!

Dies Committee 2023-2024

Anne Sofie Mateboer (2022) Chair
Diede Velthuis (2021) Secretary
Ilse Dijkstra (2023) Treasurer
Vera de Vries (2021) External Affairs
Lotte Krakau de Jong (2022) Promotion
Renske Monique Anna Lageman (2021) Acquisition
Meike Veenstra (2023) Acquisition

The Dies committee organized the Diesweek/ Introduction camp. VIP celebrates the arrival of new students with our Diesweek (birthday week) and our introduction camp. Everybody is welcome, and there are a lot of fun activities or parties you can join. You definitely do not want to miss this!