Dies committee

Dies committee


Dear (future) VIP-members,

DIES does not only stand for the birthday of our amazing study association, but also for one of the most important weeks of your lives. Can you imagine something more important than meeting your fellow students? We neither.

Given these facts, we thought it would be nice to first meet the girls who make this week the best week ever: the girls from the DIES/IC-committee!

Since there are not much words that can describe how amazing these girls are, we keep it short 😉

If you read carefully, you might find out what functions our girls have.

First of all, we have Lotte. Lotte is our ‘big’ boss, obligating us to eat vegetarian but goes to the Hoek for a kipsaté rol every time we are on a night out.

Next is Susanne, our hidden treasure(r).

Romy is always keeping track of everything, except for when she has had five vodka-sinas.

Maaike is always working on our EXTERNAL affairs, while smoking a PEUKIE.

Willem(ijn) is always in need for speed (and money for acquisition) and Thirza always goes to het gaatje in ’t vaatje while fixing free drinks (and acquisition) for us.

And last but certainly not least, we have Margriet, our youngest deer, always in for a beer while promoting the best week of your life.

Now that you have a little impression of the coolest committee of VIP, we are really looking forward to meeting you all during the best week of your life. Either as a leader or as a participant.

Lots of love,

DIES/IC-committee 2018-2019

Diescommittee 2018-2019

Lotte Bakker (2017) Chairman
Romy van Boven (2017) Secretary
Susanne Ypma (2017) Treasurer
Thirza Vivian Osinga (2018) Acquisition
Willemijn Yvonne Slosser (2018) Acquisition
Maaike Mulder (2017) External Affairs
Margriet Anna Visser (2018) Promotion

The Dies committee organizes the Diesweek. During this week the birthday of VIP is celebrated. The committee organizes 3 parties and day activities. As member of the Dies committee you will also automatically be in the Introduction committee, as they organize both the Diesweek and the introduction camp. The committee creats the program for the introduction camp. The committee has to find acquisition to make sure the week can be paid  for and find location and lecturers/people who can give a workshop for the activities and parties. Of course, the committee also has to promote their events. 

E-mail: diescommittee@vipsite.nl

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