Mental Health

Within VIP, we think mental health is a very important topic. Therefore, on this page, you can find some important resources or tips. You can also find all of VIP's trust persons here.

Study Advisors

Psychology has several study advisors:

  • Iris de Boer
  • Lex Jurna
  • Ellen Schaafsma
  • Arlette van Berkel
  • Sietske Weide

You can find more information about how they can be contacted via the following link: Study Advisors Psychology

Resources University of Groningen 

If you are experiencing or witnessing aggression, discrimination, or sexual harassment at the UG, you can find information about what you can do here.

Next to this, the UG also has a Student Well-being Portal. You can access this portal here.

Below, you can find other resources and tips!

Wake Up Student Coaching

If you struggle with mental health, stress, fear of failure, or motivation problems, you can sign up for various coaching trajectories at Wake Up Student Coaching. In these trajectories, your personal challenges and complaints receive the attention they need. 

You can also contact them for study- and career advice. You can plan your intake within a week after registration. Finally, they offer various workshops and write blogs about things relevant to students. For more information, you can click the following link: | Student Coaching


At VIP we think it is important that students have a good time together. Due to COVID-19, it is sometimes hard to meet new students with the same interests. To make this easier, you can now download Relate! With this app, you can spontaneously meet with students nearby. You can easily filter on shared interests and meet students who really suit you! Have fun and push the button!

Not Alone

Not Alone is a voluntary peer-counseling service based in Groningen. They aim to build a community of peers who support each other through their experiences. Through a training programme (created by psychology students), they aim to take on and train volunteers in peer social support skills that would enable them to offer their services (through Not Alone) to anyone who requests them.

You can find more information here: Info | Not Alone Groningen

Trust persons

Within the association, one person of the Board serves as trust person. Next to this, we appointed two persons as external trust persons this year! Do you have something on your mind, a confidential question or do you have any concerns about VIP? We are glad to answer your questions and see what we can do for you. 

You can always contact us by sending a mail to Or if you want to talk to someone even more privately, you can send a message to the contact information stated below. 

Board 22-23

Anna de Wind: +31 6 84158827

External/Board 21-22

Rosa van der Schoor: +31 6 50943865

External/General member

Lucas Ferdinandus: +31 6 83799544

Left to right: Lucas, Rosa & Anna