Acquisition structure (Tigers)

Acquisition structure 2020-2021

Lars van der Lee (2018) chairman
Daniel Buxton (2016) -
Romy van Boven (2017) -
Tess de Leeuw (2016) -
Bart Matthijs Kranenborg (2016) -
Lina Naber (2017) -
Sophie Mulder (2017) -

The acquisition structure, also known as the tigers, helps committees reach their acquisition targets. They are divided in pairs to reach maximum potential! And the tigers also help the board by contacting businesses and making deals themselves.

This year the acquisition structure consists of very experienced VIPers! No less than three ex Board members will help you reach your target. On top of that we have salestoppers and members who have done multiple committees within our association. So don’t hesitate to ask for help!