Acquisition structure (Tigers)



We are the acquisition structure a.k.a. THE TIGERS and you can calculate there up that we collect billions of euros for the association during this academic year. The leader of our tiger clan is Luc; he is a very sociable tiger who likes to STARt a competition to the other male clan member Daniel a.k.a. brickstone. These competitions are mostly about manhood and don’t always end very well, because it appears that real-life tigers have more hair above their nose than the both of them combined. Brickstone is the belhamèl of our clan and even though he has a strong preference for round food, you would never see him cook one of our group meals. Luckily, we got Iris and Fred in our clan, two caring star-chefs who always make sure that no one is discussing any topic of interest with an empty stomach and nobody ends up in the canal after a night out. This couple was also the first who actually got us some money. At the beginning of this year, a new tiger baby was born named Julia, tiger Jamie took her under her wing and they both worked really hard to contribute to the acquisition target. As you can tell from all the things mentioned above, our clan takes the saying ‘work hard, play hard’ very seriously. When it gets past midnight and the stars start shining you will see some real wildlife in the city of Groningen. Skkkrt skkkkrt. This is also the time when Julia turns into a real dancing star and Jamie randomly asks strangers to marry her. It might not seem like it, but the tiger clan can be pretty normal. Just like all other human beings, they really need their 8hrs of sleep in order to get to their appointments in time, never say no to a bag of M&M’s and support each other in the good and the poor times.

Acquisition structure 2018-2019

Luc Gerrits (2015) Chairman
Daniel Buxton (2016) Member
Iris Put (2016) Member
Frederique van der Werf (2015) Member
Jamie Westenenk (2015) Member
Julia Westerhoek (2018) Member

The acquisition structure helps committees reach their acquisition targets. They also give acquisition training in the beginning of the association year and help the board by contacting businesses and making deals themselves as well.


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