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Welcome to VIP!

Great that you will be studying Psychology at the University of Groningen! Welcome to VIP, the study association for Psychology students in Groningen! You can find all the information about VIP here, such as who we are, what we do, and some practical information about the sign-up for the Psychology program and about the first year in general. We are looking forward to seeing you soon! You can sign up to become a member here.

In this information Booklet you will find everything you need to know about VIP!

Information Booklet

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Who are we?

VIP is the Study Association for Psychology students at the University of Groningen and with approximately 1500 students the largest study association in Groningen! Study associations like they exist in the Netherlands are a unique concept and can in such a form hardly be found in other countries. Study associations begin where the study program stops, our activities can be seen as an extension to the regular study program introducing you deeper into the work field of Psychology through lectures, conferences, workshops and in-house days. Also, Psychology students can come to us for all kinds of handy information and you are always welcome at our office for a chat, drink or both! And don't forget to check out our amazing parties, social drinks and other fun activities such as our first-year-activities or the legendary hitchhiking contest or wintersports.

What do we offer?

The goal of VIP is to offer support to students regarding their studies, and to give you the opportunity to get to know your fellow students. Being a member of VIP has quite some advantages: 
If you’re a VIP member, you’ll get at discount up to 15% on your study books, which you can order via our VIP-site. You can pick them up at the faculty, or have them delivered to your home. It’s also possible to get a discount on tutoring courses and summaries!

Throughout the year, VIP organizes study related activities, which complement your studies and will help you to prepare for your career as a psychologist.
Besides study related activities, and the career preparatory side of the association, VIP is also the ideal way to meet new people and make friends. VIP organizes all kinds of social activities, such as the monthly VIP-drinks and the (in)famous VIP-parties.

You can also choose to be an active member of VIP. Apply for a spot in a committee, year representation or structure! Get more information about this by clicking on 'become active'. 

Diesweek and Introduction camp

VIP organizes the introduction period for psychology students. This is the ultimate way for first-year Psychology students to get to know the study and other fellow first-year students. Click for more information on 'Introduction period'. 

Where can you find us?

Due to Covid-19 we are currently out of office until further notice. 

If you have any questions you can always contact us via the mail We will answer your questions as soon as possible.

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