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Diescommittee 2018-2019
Jun 10, 2019
Aug 18, 2019

Dear future dies leaders,

On Monday the 26th of August the Diesweek begins and it will end on the 28th of August. We are already busy with organizing a lot of cool activities in this week for you and of course for the upcoming first year students, but without you, we can’t do the Diesweek! The weekend after the Diesweek (the 30st of August till the 1st of September) we organize the introduction camp, and we also need leaders for that. The Diesweek will cost approximately  €15 and the introduction camp €25 (including food) for leaders.

Please note, it is possible to only join the diesweek. But you can only join the introduction camp if you also apply tot the diesweek.

Join us at those amazing events and meet us in Paradies! 

Love, the dies committee '18/'19


NOTE: UPCOMING FIRST YEAR STUDENTS: Want to sign up for Diesweek and/or Introduction camp? Then this is not the right page. These are though!

Diesweek: https://www.vipsite.nl/events/dies 
Intro Kamp: https://www.vipsite.nl/events/23332-introduction-camp


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