Board 2023-2024


Board 2023-2024

On the 26th of September 2023, we were announced as the 43rd Board of VIP!

As a board, we run the association for one year! We coordinate all the committees, offer our members a lot of benefits and try to make sure that all our members have a great year.

You can find us at the Heymans faculty (Hv.0402) every Monday until Friday, from 11:00 until 15:00. If you have any questions, want to sign up as a member or want to enjoy a quick chat, always feel free to come by!

You can also call us at 050-3636323 or send an e-mail to

We are looking forward to seeing you soon!


The 43rd Board of VIP

Kristel, Willemijn, Jildou, Sophiane, Marrit, and Simon

Board 2023-2024

Kristel Marleen Raspe (2021) Chairwoman
Willemijn Felen (2021) Secretary & Commissioner of Diversity and Inclusion
Jildou Peeters (2020) Treasurer
Sophiane Munoz (2021) Commissioner of Internal Affairs
Marrit Hamstra (2021) Commissioner of Career & Education
Simon Koopman (2020) Commissioner of Public Relations

Hi Everyone!

My name is Kristel Raspe and I am the chair of the 43rd board of VIP. I am 20 years old and was born and raised in Zwolle, but I have been living in Groningen for about two years now. I am in my third year of the bachelors program in Psychology, although studying is not really on the top of my priority list this year. Instead, I am dedicating all my efforts to making this year unforgettable!

What I really enjoy most is spending time with my friends and family. Whether it is a coffee catch up or a wild night out, as long as I am with friends, I am having a good time! Next to this, I like cooking, playing the piano and working out on occasion. 

I have been part of two fantastic committees within VIP, the yearbook committee and the dies committee. I fell in love with the association due to being part of these committees, where I not only made many new friends but also gained quite some new skills!

As the Chair, I am responsible for keeping a general overview of the association. Next to this, I make the agendas, sign contracts and chair the meetings. Furthermore, I am in contact with the faculty as well as other associations.

I am extremely excited about being in the board for the upcoming year, and I look forward to meet all of you during VIP activities!!



Hey everybody!

My name is Willemijn Felen and with great enthusiasm I will fulfill the function of Secretary and Commissioner of Diversity & Inclusion within the 43rd Board of VIP. I am 20 years old and I moved from Drachten to the beautiful city Groningen two years ago. Right now, I am in my third year of the bachelor Psychology, but I will not follow any courses this year. Besides studying, I work at the Oosterpoort and the Stadsschouwburg in Groningen. Big concerts and theater plays are being performed here! I usually stand behind the bar or I work in the restaurant in the front part of the building. Other than work, I enjoy reading and spending time with my friends and family. You can find me really happy when I get the food that I crave or when I watch really good movies or shows. 

In the past two years I have been active within VIP. In my first year I was the secretary of the First Year Committee and I had a great time organizing events together with my committee for the first years! After that year, I knew that I wanted to stay active. That is why I was in my second year, surprise surprise, secretary of the Intercultural Committee and I also joined the Yearrepresentation of the second year from the Dutch track. I learned a lot of new things this year, and I really started to become more and more interested in the ins and outs of our lovely association. This year I can not wait to put all my effort, together with my other Board members, into contributing to VIP even more and try to give as many people amazing experiences in the upcoming months!

As a Secretary I will be busy sorting all the emails coming in and I will do my best to keep everything organized. Being a Commissioner of Diversity and Inclusion entails that I will try to make everybody feel included and I will also try to come up with new ideas how to do so. Other than that, I will take part in organizing the Galant Gala this year and I will also be the commissioner of two other committees. 

I am so excited for the upcoming year with all of you and I am looking forward to see everybody at activities or at the Hok! You can always come by there for a tea/coffee or just a nice chat!



Hi everyone!! 

I am Jildou Peeters and I am the treasurer of the 43rd VIP board. I am 21 years old and come from a beautiful village called Dronryp, but I have been in living in Groningen for over 3 years now. I am almost finished with my bachelor so I can mainly focus on my board year. In my spare time I can often be found in the gym. This doesn't mean that I turn down a drink with friends or a night out (it's called balance, right?). Furthermore, I love traveling, good music, coffee, meeting new people and going to festivals. Next to all of this I also work in the elderlycare in my hometown and like half of the Pyschology students I also work at Team050. 

In my first year within VIP I became part of the year representation. I continued with this in my second year, but also started with the Student Exchange Committee. This was an amazing year in which I met a lot of nice people. Because I had such a great year I decided to join the Event committee in my third year. After that year I knew I would like to stay active. This year I am looking forward to contribute to VIP even more after all of this and try to give people the amazing experience I had myself so far. 

Being the Treasurer of the board means I keep an overview of all the money. This includes making the budget, paying bills and a lot of bookkeeping. I will also regularly check in on all the treasurers of all the committees. In addition, I’m the commissioner of two committees and I work on most of the collaborations with other associations.

I am very excited for the upcoming year and I hope to see many faces during activities and hok hours, but also feel free to contact me for a coffee or a walk



Hello everyone!

My name is Sophiane Munoz and I will be fulfilling the role of Commissioner of Internal Affairs for the 43rd board of VIP. As Commissioner of Internal Affairs I’ll be in charge of organising Active Member activities, I will also be quite involved with all of our members and will also be commissioner of most committees.

I am 21 years old and originally from France, I was born and grew up in The Hague where I was lucky enough to grow up in a very International and culturally diverse environment. I am currently completing the third year of my Psychology Bachelor, and will be taking some courses throughout the years so we may bump into each other at lectures and exams! Within the last few years I was active within the Lecture ad the Career Committee where I got to experience the sense of community which VIP offers the students at our faculty and it made me want to take a more active role in order to make sure these opportunities keep being provided to our members! I am really looking forward to getting to meet and know all of you better this year! 

I hope to see you all at activities, VIP Drinks, and of course at the Hok where you can find me most days!

You can also always feel free to contact me for a chat or coffee anytime you’d like!



Hello everyone!

My name is Marrit Hamstra and in the upcoming year I am going to be the Commissioner of Career and Education of the 43rd board of VIP. Originally I am from a really small town called Eastermar with around as many inhabitants as we have VIP members. In my spare time I like to meet with friends, paint, draw, and I would also like to believe that I go running once in a while. My guilty pleasure is going to the karaokebar, and I also like to participate in the limbo from time to time. 

Within VIP I have been active for the past two years. In my first year I took care of the promotion of the First Year Committee. In the year after this I joined the Bar & Cook structure. In these years I got to know the association and the people more, which in the end led me to apply for a board year. I believe that within VIP we have a really nice, welcoming atmosphere and I would love to contribute to that in the upcoming year.

As the Commissioner of Career and Education, I will be primarily responsible for the good contact with the faculty. Next to this, I will be busy with maintaining the VIPs LinkedIn page, overseeing the Year Representations, keeping in touch with our alumni members and organizing career-related events. I am really enjoying my function so far and I am looking forward to the rest of the year.

I hope to see many of you at the activities or for a nice cup of coffee at the VIP office!



Hi, my name is Simon Koopman and in the upcoming year I am going to be the Commissioner of Public Relations of the 43rd board of VIP. I have lived in Zwolle, but I am already in Groningen for more than 3 years now. In my spare time I like to listen to music and study music theory. Learning about harmony and voicings on my piano is something I really like to do. What I like even more is visiting concerts. You can find me quite often at a niche jazz concert, visited by mainly elderly people and music nerds, at the Bimhuis in Amsterdam for example. Apart from my obsession for music, I also like to read, watch some netflix and spend time with people I like.

Within VIP I have been active for the past two years. In my first year I was chair of the Yearbook Committee and last year I had the same function in the Event Committee, which I both really enjoyed. It was really instructive and I was able to make friendships that I still appreciate. The atmosphere in general is really nice within VIP, which made me decide to apply for a board year. I am really looking forward to all the challenges and also the social and personal aspects that I will face in the upcoming year.

As the Commissioner of Public Relations, I will be primarily responsible for the contact with current partners that we have, including providing them with the opportunities to promote themselves within our association. I am also looking into possible new collaborations for the upcoming year.  Next to this, I will be busy with the promotion on the Instagram page and make sure that every promotion is there on time. I am really enjoying the aspects of doing a board year and I hope and think this will remain the same during the year. 

Hope to learn many of you better during the upcoming year!