VIP x Ibn Battuta: Football Tournament

Hi guys!

We from the Sports Committee are very happy to announce our next event! We’re hosting a football tournament together with Ibn Battuta (the Faculty Association of Spatial Sciences). We look forward to this collaboration and with your help we can host a day worth remembering. There are prices and mostly lots of pride at stake so bring your A-game!! The tournament is hosted at the local football club Lycurgus S.V. After the tournament we are grabbing a drink together with the people from Ibn Battuta at club DORST so only good vibes. The event is on the 18th of may, the football tournament from 15:00-18:00 and the drinks at 20:00. The sign up starts today so don’t hesitate and let’s play some football!

In the comments, you can mention who you want to be in a team with!