Come join us for the social event of the year: It is time to stop adulting! Grab a bottle of beer and join the WOP committee for an evening full of fun games!
You just started your masters? You already studied for a while but when following a lecture half of the people do not look familiar? Well..... then it is time to change this and do some networking and win some amazing prizes!
Who knows maybe you will be working together with some of your fellow master's students once you graduate. Would be nice to already know them, wouldn't it? So join us on the 11th of May at 20:00!
Together we will play some games online and most importantly get to know each other. All of this will happen in an online environment so you do not even have to leave your house.
We are looking forward to seeing a lot of familiar and unfamiliar faces on the 11th!

LOTS of love,
the WOP-committee


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