VIP: Winterweek

The SpoCo presents: Winterweek!

Let’s relax after the exams and join us for 3 days of winter fun, online and in real life! Not only for some fun activities but also to get your goodie bag filled with goodies to get you through this season, such as a cheese fondue set, glühwein and much more!

We hope to meet you all during our activities:
Day 1: Compete in the winter quiz where you can win some amazing prizes and walk around with your fellow students in our online Winter Wonderland!
Day 2: Get out of your house and enjoy the winter air during our Citywalk! To follow the corona measure, you can go by yourself or with 1 friend. Follow the clues and get a nice free warm drink while on your way and go home with a stuffed goodie bag!
Day 3: Nothing better than getting warm and cosy during these cold days while enjoying a movie during our movie night! Watch a movie with us while enjoying your goodie bag snacks or some cheese fondue!

Sign up on the vipsite and we hope to see you the first week of February!