VIP: Thinktank Belsimpel

You have probably been noticing that many Psychology students don't end up becoming psychologists at all. But do you know where the rest ends up? We can imagine that you might not have a clue what else you can do with your study, but we would like to help you out! Together with Belsimpel, we're organizing a ThinkTank where you can experience what it's like to put your knowledge and interest in psychology into practice. We will discuss different puzzles Belsimpel is facing during their internationalization process and they are very curious about your ideas. You really don't have to have a huge interest in working in the business world to participate. We also don't expect anything from you in terms of knowledge, only your creative ideas are enough! It is an accessible way to get acquainted with the application of psychology outside the clinical field while enjoying a snack and a drink.


Are you coming to join us?