VIP: The Great VIP Bake Off

Dear members,

Save the date! On Thursday 18th of February, the Social committee will host the Great VIP Bake Off. 

The challenge is to bake cupcakes with a valentine theme. Bake as many as you can, because we would like to donate the cupcakes to the ‘Leger des Heils’. 

You can bake the cupcakes alone or in a duo. Participants will receive a goodie bag with ingredients that will come in handy!

Also, we would like to organize a group chat, so everyone can show how they’re doing and share some ideas. 

The maximum of participants is 25, so make sure to register in time! (And if you will be working in duo’s, please mention both names) 

And last but not least, there are some amazing prizes you can win! The Social committee members will be the judges, so try to bake the best you can! 😊  

Information about where to bring the cupcakes etc. will follow soon.

We hope this activity will be sweet!

Lots of love, 

The Social committee