VIP: An online lecture on grooming

We all remember the fairy tale of Hanse&Greten, two kids who trusted a stranger and got into serious trouble. Unfortunately, this pattern can be witnesses outside of fantastic stories. As it is known, grooming is a critical phenomenon in our times. A number of adults are spending time with kids, developing a connection, and gaining their trust in order to take advantage of them. Also, this phenomenon has grown in the online world, where parents are absent and other adults can hide under the anonymity of the internet. So, The goal of this lecture, among others,  is to increase awareness around online grooming as well as to analyze the psychological profile of sex offenders, child pornography viewers, and how the loved ones experience this, with the help of Manon Kleijn from Tilburg University Kelly van den Heuvel from the Organisation StopItNow. Hurry up and don't miss this interesting lecture. The tickets are free for VIP members and 1 euro for non-VIP members. The lecture will take place on 10 May from 19:00 till 21:00.

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