VIP: Career Night Neuropsychology

On Wednesday 2 December, we will have an extraordinary career night all about Neuropsychology for you!
We looked at the opportunities of an online event and we thought: Let’s invite experts from all over the world! We have managed to arrange three experts in the field to speak at our evening. These experts are Dr. Daniel Levitin, Dr. Gregory Brown, and Dr. Christian Mette. They will be talking about their academic path and also about how their work as neuropsychologists looks like.
Dr. Levitin is an award-winning neuroscientist, musician, and best-selling author. He is known among other works for “This Is Your Brain on Music” and his public speeches on TED, talk shows, and other events. His research encompasses music, the brain, health, productivity, and creativity. 
Dr. Brown is the Director of the Neuroimaging and Behavioral Analysis Laboratory at UCSD and Emeritus Professor at the Department of Psychiatry. His research uses computational modeling and brain imaging to investigate neuropsychiatric disorders.
Dr. Mette is a professor of psychology and psychotherapist. As a researcher, he is looking into adult ADHD, the assessment and treatment of personality disorders, and more.

We’re looking forward to seeing you all at the event!