Inhouse day: Van Mesdag Clinic


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WOrkshop/In-house committee 2019-2020
Date and time
Feb 14, 2020 12:00 - 16:00
Helperlinie 2, 9722 AZ Groningen

Inhouse day: Van Mesdag Clinic

Nothing to do on Valentine's Day?
Join the second In-house Day of the academic year to the impressive Van Mesdag Clinic. This is a forensic psychiatric center (tbs) and treats approximately 245 ex-convicts. These ex-convicts are usually people who, because of psychiatric and addiction problems, do not function well in society and committed crimes partly as a result of this. The goal of the Van Mesdag Clinic is to make sure that these ex-convicts return safely to society.

During this afternoon there are multiple things planned for you! We will start off with an interesting presentation about forensic psychiatric centers and Van Mesdag. After the presentation we get a tour of the facility. The day will end with a closing presentation and the opportunity to ask questions.
This will be an educational and very interesting Day Trip, so don't hesitate to sign up!
The sign-up opens: Thursday 30 January 10.00 o'clock


The trip will have an English and Dutch group and remember to bring a way to identify yourself (driver's license, id, passport).
This activity will be FOR FREE.


* Unfortunately, this activity is not suitable for people with a wheelchair/walking difficulties.

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