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Dec 10, 2018 19:00 - 21:00
Heymansbuilding, Hv.0407

The Master Community Clinical, Developmental & Forensic Psychology is organizing its second event! We invited two very interesting speakers with very different backgrounds! The first lecture is about experiental client-centered psychotherapy, while the second event is about hypnotherapy!

Therapy is a unique opportunity to explore important issues and facilitate self-growth and self-acceptance. For this to happen, establishing clear goals and having a healthy working relationship are of vital importance. One of the substrates that allows a working alliance to flourish is empathy. In this lecture, I would like to explore a) criticism against empathy b) recent research on empathy and c) practical and experiential ways to foster empathy. https://www.vpep.nl/vpep/studenten

Hypnotherapy works with a state of trance or hypnosis. Hypnosis is nothing more than a deep form of relaxation. With your conscious brain you experience everything that happens and is being said, , while at the same time your unconscious brain gets the space to show you where the blockade or cause of a problem is. You remain at all times able to choose from the hypnosis. It is a very direct way of working, where you can directly change the blocking thought or behavior into a form that serves you better. https://www.praktijkmirror.nl/

Are you ready to get your mind blown? Do you wonder how psychotherapy and hypnotherapy works ? If your answers are YES! then we would like to see you on the 10th of december!

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