Drinks at Kaaphoorn


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About this event

Diescommittee 2018-2019
Date and time
Aug 28, 2019 14:30 - 17:00
Beachclub Kaap Hoorn: Kaapse Baan 1, 9752 XP Haren

On the third and last day of the Diesweek we'll be having UNLIMITED drinks at beachbar Kaaphoorn at the Hoornsemeer. We'll be able to drink all the wine, beer or soda we want. The event starts at 15.00 o'clock and will end at 17.00 o'clock. You can already enter the beachbar at 14.30 o'clock, so you can get ready to drink as much as you can for the coming 2 hours. For VIP members this activity will cost €15 and for non-VIP members this activity will cost €22. Non-VIP members can only buy their tickets at the door, and can only pay by card (maestro).




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