Classical Concert Oosterpoort

‘Rhythm and harmony find their way into the inward places of the soul’ - Plato

Art is a very important topic for most persons. It can resonate deeply with your state of mind and let you absorb the beauty from it. There is so much available, that there is a big chance there is something that really suits your interest.

Music is a form of art which we think everyone has a special connection with. Regardless of the genre, the majority of people has music as a substantial part of their life. You can adapt your feelings to the music or the other way around. It can distract you when needed and provide you with comfort or joy.

We as the Board of VIP really want to include this aspect into our association with providing you with the opportunity to join us to a really nice classical concert at De Oosterpoort on the 15th of May from 20:00 to approximately 22:30, where there will be played pieces of Beethoven, Bartók, and Schubert. 

Tickets will be free and a drink will be included both in the break and after the concert. The sign up will open tomorrow, 19th of March at 12:00. Spots will be limited :).

*The general cancellation policy will apply for this event. If you sign off after the 6th of April, you are responsible for the costs that are made if you do not find someone to replace you

Would love to see you all 🎶🎼