Active Members Weekend

It's back with a bang! The much sought-after Active Members Weekend will take place from the 26-28th of November in Zeilschool de Morra (Hemelum, Friesland). Make sure to sign-up for a weekend full of fun activities that you can partake in with your fellow Active Members! The theme of the weekend is; 'Back to my Future'- so buckle yourselves up for the ride of a lifetime. The ticketprice for this weekend is €50,-, and everything from travelling there and back, to food and drinks, is included! See you all there!

Please leave a comment in the 'remarks' section if you have any dietary requirements we should know about.

For now, you will receive a message that you have been signed up for the waiting list. However, if more people sign up, this can still change! So do not hesitate to sign yourself up as soon as possible! The sign-up closes on the 14th of November.

Note: It is very important that you have a valid QR-code (proof of vaccination or negative test result) if you want to participate in this event. If you have to test, you can do this through the following link: Testen voor toegang - Laat je testen voor toegang.