VIP Drinks: Beer Pong

Dear members,

On Tuesday, 2 March we will host yet another VIP drinks. The last one was a great success because of the interaction, the games & Het Pakhuis rebuild in Gathertown. So why change a winning formula?

This time we will host a few beer pong matches to see who is the best player. Afterwards, everything is possible. Do you want a 1 on 1 conversation, a game with more people or are you showing your moves on the dancefloor? Still have any doubts about joining? Read the reviews down below!


“10/10 Would recommend if you want to see Kor chug his adtje speech!”           ~ Sabien Bootsma

“Gathertown is amazing, I really had the feeling of being in the Pakhuis for the first time this association year! 💥🍻”  ~ Lente Gerlagh

“I am so happy that the VIP drinks can continue almost as if it is normal”  ~ Amy O’Connell


So what are you waiting for? Sign up and receive some red cups and a ping pong ball!

Lots of love,

The VIP-Board 2020-2021