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Apr 25, 2019 18:30 - 21:00
Heymansvleugel hv.0406

After all the stress from the last exams it’s time to clear your head at our next workshop about mindfulness and meditation! Anouk from Annanoukacoaching is going to teach you how to deal with stressors and how to create balance in your life. You will get acquainted with breathing, mindfulness and relaxing exercises, which can help you to live your busy life more calmly. Afraid that you’re too down-to-earth for this kind of practices? Don’t worry! Anouk is mostly focused om the practical side of mindfulness, so her sessions are everything besides wooly. So, let go of all your struggles and find your inner peace on the 25th of April from 18:30-21:00. Tickets will be €2,- for VIP members and €2,90 for non-VIP members.


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