Year representation 1

The English year representation for first year students consists of five students from the same year. You would be co-responsible for the improvement of the quality of the study. You could do this by keeping track of how your fellow students think about the courses, the lectures, and exams. The year representatives write a report about what students think about a course. You would get this information by talking to as many students as possible and keeping their opinion in mind. You would furthermore deliberate with the program committee, the faculty board, the faculty council and the program director about good and improvable points of the study.


Hello fellow psychology students! We would like to quickly introduce ourselves. We are your year representatives! It is our job to collect as much feedback from other students as possible regarding the programme’s courses. Also, we work on any issues that come up during our time here in order to improve your experience at the RUG. Working hand in hand with the faculty board, we have meetings with the lecturers after each course to address problems that came up during the blocks. All we need are as many opinions as we can get to get the ball rolling for change. So please, If you see any of us around, don't hesitate to speak to us about any issue you have encountered. You can also reach us via Facebook and email. We want to get the best out of the psychology programme in Groningen, all we need is your help. Thank you and stay fruity!

Your Year Reps

Charlie, Luan, Cora and Michele

Year Representation 1 2016-2017

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