English daytrip committee

Stuck in class again, listening to the same topic, that has been going on for seven weeks already? Maybe you think back to why you got into psychology in the first place and don’t see, what all that stuff has to do with it? Sounds like you’re in bad need for some perspective! That is what we are here for! We, that’s Johanna, Alina, Sophia, Tami & Tony, want to break out of the curriculum with you and get in touch with the stuff that’s going on outside the RUG! Want to get in contact with people working in applied psychology and related areas on a day to day basis? Let’s go on a daytrip to a prison, a marketing firm or an institution supporting people with disabilities! Or are you more interested in what’s going on at the frontiers of science, a psychological perspective on cultural issues or exciting sister or subdisciplines of psychology? That’s why we will also organize lectures about all kinds of exciting topics. Of course this all depends on you to get involved. So keep an eye out for announcements! If you have a topic, that you would like us to cover, send us an email to daytripcommittee@vipsite.nl (Yep, that’s for lectures as well). We always welcome good ideas!

De English daytrip committee organiseert 4 Engelstalige dagreizen per jaar naar psychologische instellingen. Dit kunnen instellingen binnen Groningen zijn, maar ook in de rest van Nederland. In het verleden zijn er onder andere dagreizen georganiseerd naar een Tbs-kliniek, een revalidatiecentrum, een consultancybureau en een jeugdgevangenis. De commissie benadert de verschillende instellingen voor een bezoek en onderhoudt het contact met de instelling. Tevens draagt de commissie de verantwoordelijkheid om promotie voor de dagreis te maken en de kaartverkoop te houden.

E-mail: daytripcommittee@vipsite.nl

English daytrip committee 2016-2017

Richard Anton Whittaker (2016) Chairman
Tam Thi Thanh Pham (2016) Secretary
Alina Prey (2015) Treasurer
Johanna Schneider (2015) External Affairs
Sophia Anna Wilhelm (2016) Acquisitie

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