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Global Traineeship India

Do you want to gain practical experience during an internship abroad in India? Be involved with women empowerment in the cultural and traditional Indian province Rajashan, Jaipur. SIDART is looking for students who are in for a challenge. SIDART is a Non Govermental Organization (NGO) in the area of social welfare, active area in Jaipur. Since its founding in 1998 by a group of passionate people SIDART is committed to strengthening the rights of poor and oppressed women and children. In recent years, the NGO has carried out several activities in the area of women, girls and human rights in general. Activities range from training to educational campaigns on HIV / AIDS. SIDART gives students from all over the world the chance to gain practical experience in India. Through the Global Trainee project SIDART can also learn from your input and cultural background. Find out if your expectations about Indian life are like the truth? By really being part of the team and participation in Indian society you can make real life changes and make your ideas practical. Perhaps it is even possible to make a combination with writing a thesis or essay. As a trainee you will work in the office, join us for field visits to the villages and see our practical work, participate in meetings and seminars, work on project proposal documents and so on.

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