Become active!

You can also choose to become an active member of VIP. This means applying for a spot in a committee, year representation or structure and playing an active part in the organization of our activities.

You can become an active member of VIP in one of the following groups:

- Committees: Within VIP, there are 17 committees, plus 4 mastercommunities, which cover all main mastertracks. Committes are responsible for organizing events, coordinating the book sale and for the making of our yearbook

- Structures: Structures within VIP are responsible for executing certain tasks in which they are specialized, such as acquisition, promotion, or taking pictures. Whenever the board needs support in the execution of such a task, structures jump in to make their life easier!

- Year representation: The year representation is the connection between students and teachers. Year representatives work together with the teachers to critically evaluate the quality of the study and represent the students’ opinion about the program within the faculty.

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