Practical Information about signing up for the Psychology Programme

The RUG considers it important that you choose a study programme that suits you, therefore, there will be a matching procedure for the Psychology programme in  the academic year 2018-2019. The matching procedure is mandatory and will give you an indication whether studying psychology at the RUG would suit you and how your chances of success are. This means, that all prospective students will have to take a test about three different topics and that they will receive a study advice afterwards, which will be either positive or negative. Please keep in mind that this study advice is without consequences, you will be welcome to study psychology either way. However, it might be valuable for you to have an indication about your chances of future study success and to see whether studying psychology at the RUG matches your interests and abilities. 

Here can you find more information about the matching procedure!

So, what should you do now?

Step 1: sign up for Psychology at the University of Groningen. Follow the steps on this page to do so.

Step 2: Upload your motivation letter here.

Step 3: Come to Groningen on June 09 2018 to do the tests for the matching procedure. Students living in the Netherlands as well as students who live within a 300 kilometer radius of Groningen have to come to Groningen to do the test. All other students will have to take the same tests, but they can do this online, from home or from anywhere with an internet connection. The test will consist of the following aspects: Biological Psychology, Statistics, and a test about an online lecture about psychology and the brain. Click here for more information about the matching procedure for the international programme, and here for more information about the matching for the Dutch programme.

Step 4: A couple of weeks after the matching day, your results and your study advice will be sent to you.

Now that you got into the bachelor program of Psychology…

Step 1: It’s time to become a member of VIP! Sign up here. Pay attention: you need a student number for this. Don't forget to send the authorization form via (e-)mail to finalize your sign-up.

Step 2: You can sign up for the introduction camp and/ or the Diesweek. This will be your chance to get to know other first year students, the study Psychology, and, of course, study association VIP.

Step 3: You can order your study books here at VIP (from mid August). You can get a discount up to 20%!

Step 4: You can check your course schedule here.

Step 5: You should come to the sign-up day on August 27 2018 to finalize your registration for VIP! This day will take place in the Heymans building, Grote Kruisstraat 2/1.

When it’s September, and you’re all set to start your studies the VIP-activities will also start! Check our agenda to see which activities we have planned. We would like to see you there! September is also the time when we start looking for first year students who want to become more involved in the association by joining a committee. This way, you'll learn how to organize events with your fellow students!

Want to know more about committees? Visit the committee market on September 12 & 13 2018!

Don't speak Dutch yet? Even though almost every student in Groningen speaks English, as a foreign student it might be handy to learn some basics in Dutch. Luckily the University of Groningen offers a large scale of Dutch language courses for non-native speakers at different levels!

Important dates:

  • ​Sign up for the study Psychology | BEFORE the 1st of May 2018

  • Upload your motivation letter | BEFORE the 1st of May 2018

  • Matching day | June 09 2018

  • Complete your registration | August 31 2018

  • Sign-up day VIP | August 27 2018

  • Diesweek VIP | August 27 - 29 2018

  • Introduction camp VIP | August 31 - September 2 2018

  • VIP Drinks | September 4 2018

  • Study startweek | September 3 - 7 2018

  • First course week | September 10 2018

  • Committee market VIP | September 12 & 13 2018

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