Do you want to be a member of the VIP?

You can subscribe every working day at the VIP-office at the Heymansbuilding, room H.0402, between 11.00 and 15.00. The yearly membership fee will be 15€ if you sign up now. It is also possible to sign up online, by clicking on the 'sign-up' button. Note: if you sign up online it will take a week before your subscription will be completed.

For questions, you can send an email to the board at or you can call to 050 3636323. 

Become a member of VIP and receive:

  • Up to 20% discount on your study books 
  • 30% discount on all VIP-activities such as parties, lectures, travels, conferences, career evenings...
  • a free yearly VIP-sticker with which you can get discounts all around Groningen 
  • a discount on SlimStuderen summaries
  • access to an internship database specially created for you at this website

Click here to find out in which local shops you get a discount as a VIP-member!

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