Workshop: Relationships & Therapy


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Date and time
Feb 21, 2019 19:00 - 21:00

What if your clients falls in love with you as psychologist?!

Relationships are an important aspect of peoples life. It is a recurring topic, both in the context of work and your personal life. As a psychologist you will be confronted with all different kind of relations; how to deal with them? The relationship with your client is of greatest importance.

Different from what we learn at uni, this is going to be about a practical aspect from the life of a psychologist. The approach of Praktijk Hoekmelkweg is then also a bit different: practical, useful and a bit philosophical.

What to know more? In our next workshop you are going to get acquainted with the methods of relationship therapists and issues involving therapeutic relationships. So for example, what do you do when your client falls in love wih you?

Come and find out and join us on the 21th of February from 18.30-21.00h, Tickets will be €2,00 for VIP-members and €2,90 for non VIP-members.

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